Bettsville honored for third year

BETTSVILLE – Bettsville High School has been named a 2012 School of Promise for a third year.

Bettsville was one of 163 schools in Ohio that received the honor on the Local Report Card for the 2011-12 school year.

The award is being received, Principal Michelle Dantuono said, due to the students performance on the OGT tests.

“This honor shows that a small, low-income school can do well on the test,” Dantuono said.

“We are a very low income school,” she added. “Most of the students are on free and reduced lunches.”

Dantuono said Bettsville has integrated an intervention period called CATS, Career and Testing Success.

The school has a low student-to-teacher ratio that allows for one-on-one time and personal interaction, Dantuono said.

“We keep up on our kids so that they do not fall through the cracks,” she said. “We are proud of our kids. We are a small school, but we have a lot of perks and the students and teachers work hard. It is a good honor for them.”

Bettsville has after-school tutoring as well as summer tutoring, Dantuono said.

“We are always encouraging our kids to do the best that they can do,” she said. “They go above and beyond.”

In the coming weeks Bettsville is to receive an official School of Promise banner that will be displayed in the building.