Ace site of ‘cash mob’ Wednesday

Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Services plans to host a series of “cash mobs” in hopes of stimulating interest and spreading awareness for local businesses.

A cash mob is an event where people gather at a local business and spend a predetermined amount of money, chamber ambassador Laura Vitt said.

The chamber will host its first cash mob at Tiffin Ace Hardware 7 a.m.-9 p.m. Wednesday. At noon the ambassadors, a group of people associated with chamber of commerce, will gather at the location.

“Basically to help that business, and give them a boost in sales, if you will, so that business can then go and just bring awareness to the community about what they do and services they offer,” Vitt said.

She said every month a business associated with the chamber will be “mobbed” by chamber ambassadors, who will patronize the business and support it.

“The chamber is a great organization to be along with,” Vitt said. “It’s a great networking opportunity. Giving back through an event like the cash mob is one way we can do that.”

People are asked to spend at least $20 at the business where the cash mob is taking place, she said.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for those in the area to come out and take part in this event,” she said.

She said she anticipates “a very good turnout” for the cash mobs.

Ambassadors will display a sign at the location of the cash mob that will say “we’ve been cash mobbed,” Vitt said. And the businesses will receive a framed certificate after the mob.

Vitt said the premise of the cash mob is to “buy local, stay local and help local business owners.” She said non-profit groups also can be a host for a future cash mob.

“From being involved in other cash mobs in the area, it’s definitely always been really beneficial to have it,” she said. “(The mobs) have always gotten positive feed back, and I think Tiffin Ace Hardware will definitely be surprised by the event.”