Shed fire causes $35,000 damage

FOSTORIA – A fire caused about $35,000 in damage to property and contents of two buildings Saturday.

According to a Fostoria Police Department report, police received a 911 call about a garage fire at 8:51 p.m. Saturday. A Fostoria Fire Division spokesman said the garage at 727 Lynn St. was detached from the house.

The spokesman said the resident was not home at the time of the call. The resident, he said, had been burning trash in a burning barrel near what appeared to be the point of ignition, but everything was fine when the resident left.

The spokesman said a lean-to shed that had been built on the back of the garage and a nearby shed were destroyed. The extension on the garage contained tools and building materials, he said.

“They’re fixing (the house) up,” he said.

The department estimated property damage at $25,000 and damage to contents at $10,000.

No injuries were reported, the spokesman said.