Republic reviews sale legalities

REPUBLIC – Jessica Monday, assistant to village solicitor James Gucker, visited the Republic council meeting Monday night to answer some concerns of council. One item referred to disposal of village property.

Monday told council property worth more than $1,000 has to first be determined to be obsolete or unfit for village use. Equipment or vehicles then have to be advertised in the newspaper, bids taken and then awarded to the highest bidder.

She explained internet auctions are somewhat different because they require a resolution, an ordinance naming the person conducting the auction among other things, and must be published twice in a local newspaper.

Mayor Bruce Lambert said after it is determined which choice is less expensive, Monday is to draft an ordinance.

She also updated council on a subpoena of village phone records. She reported the telephone company required passwords, but will make another attempt to contact them and obtain the records.

Lambert said a local resident had inquired of “peddlers” in the village and questioned whether permits were required. It was determined an ordinance does exist which allows a three-day permit at a cost of $100 prepaid. There is no fee for Scouts and other groups considered student groups.

Police Chief Donald Holmer said he will contact the county sheriff’s office for a form to be used for that purpose.

Council also approved:

Closing a checking account regarding mayor’s court as the State Supreme Court finalized action on dissolving the court.

Transfer of $1,604.64 from the General Fund to the Utility Deposit Fund.

Having copies of the village credit card bill available for council’s review.

Not to renew a bond covering errors and acts of omission of finance officer, as it is covered by other insurance.

Cancelling a contract for inoperable office copier.

Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf told council she will begin preparing reports of notable work for council’s review at council meetings.

She reported the billing cycle is complete and utility bills sent out, a discharge of effluent water at wastewater system is complete. She also reported on a list of training completed thus far by a village employee.

Holmer announced the initial use of the Phoenix computer system in the village police car.

Property owner Todd Hansen reported he has live trapped 40 cats in the past and has seen an increase in the number of cats and messes in the neighborhood. He asked if the procedure of trapping was legal.

Councilman Jeff Larick told Hansen if he trapped them they may be taken to the Humane Society. Hansen also learned he may live trap on his property or another with the owner’s permission.

Hansen also questioned an elevated water bill on property that has been unoccupied. Hoepf had visited the property and compared the electronic meter reading with the physical meter and they matched, indicating the water did flow through the meter.

Larick called for a personnel committee meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday at the village hall.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. March 18 at the village hall.