Police warn of card fraud

After numerous recent complaints of credit card misuse, Tiffin police are asking residents to be on the lookout for unauthorized charges on credit cards.

Lt. Aaron Russell of the Tiffin Police Department said police have seen an increase in credit card misuse complaints since last week, and even one of its own officers has fallen victim to the crime.

According to the police department, three reports of credit card misuse were reported Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Russell said the cases have been turned over to the criminal division, and detectives are trying to find out where the credit cards may have been compromised.

He said if anyone is a victim of credit card fraud, they should bring the last two months of credit card statements to the police station.The statements will help detectives pinpoint a lead, he said.

“Right now, we do not have any leads,” he said.

Chief Deputy Ron Green of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office said the sheriff’s office hasn’t noticed a recent increase in credit card misuse complaints. Those type of complaints, however, are not uncommon.

“We usually get three or four a month,” he said. “It is fairly common these days.”

Green, who has been a victim of credit card misuse three times, said the crime occurs many times while someone is shopping online.

He said hackers grab several credit card numbers at a time and immediately make two to three quick purchases. A lot of the purchases are found to be made in Florida, he said.

“They use them quickly and they’re done,” he said.

Green said the problem is widespread and one of the only ways to prevent it 100 percent is to not use a credit card online.

He said victims of credit card misuse should always call law enforcement first to report it, and should then call their credit card company.

He said the process of resolving credit card misuse is relatively easy.