Heidelberg University professors honored

Heidelberg University presented four winners at the 2012-13 Faculty Awards, Feb. 22.

Presentation of the awards was the culmination of a month-long celebration of academic excellence on campus. A day earlier, the university hosted the 20th annual Minds at Work Student Research Conference.

Heidelberg presented a new award, the Innovative Teaching Award. The first recipient is geology professor Amy Berger, who has been teaching at Heidelberg since 1998. In her classroom, she works to develop role-playing games that immerse students in real-world environmental problems.

Biology professor Susan Carty, who joined the faculty in 1988 and will retire at the end of this academic year, is this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Scholarship/Research Award for Faculty.

Several Aigler grants have allowed her to travel to conduct research and present her findings throughout her teaching career.

Daryl Close, professor of computer science and philosophy, is the recipient of the 2012-13 Jane Frost Kalnow Professorship in the Humanities.

The fourth award of the evening, the Ream-Paradiso Distinguished Teaching Award, was presented to Marc O’Reilly, associate professor of political science who has taught at Heidelberg since 2001.