Former Olympian guest lecturer at TU

Former Olympian Francis Dove Edwin is visiting Tiffin through May as a visiting senior lecturer for Tiffin University’s School of Business.

Edwin is a dual citizen of Sierra Leone, Africa, and the United States. He lives in London.

Edwin is president of the Sierra Leone Olympian Association, Director of Development for the African Olympian Association, and former flag holder for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He also competed in the 1988 Seoul Korea games in the 100- and 200-meter races.

Edwin is to teach a global international and transmanagement course for graduate students during the spring semester. The course is to provide students with a global exposure to the culture and trade of global markets, Edwin said. He is to teach an undergraduate course about fitness and wellness to help students utilize their bodies.

With a doctorate degree in sports management, Edwin said he holds education high. He has taught at California State University courses in physical education and health. He also is project manager for an Olympic training program at California State University at Chico. He arranged for Olympic teams from west Africa and other countries to train on the campus.

Edwin also works with children of developing countries all over the world. He helps in integrating child soldiers back into society with sports by asking them to come together and join in a simple game of soccer or any other type of game.

“As an athlete, sports has a short life. Wherever you go your degree will always be with you,” Edwin said. “(An) education is better than silver and gold.”

“(Like) gold, (a degree) is not gold until it goes through the process to become gold,” Edwin said.

Edwin also has made presentations and humanitarian peace projects for the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations.

Edwin also likes to motivate and inspire students. He spoke to Calvert and Columbian swimmers Jan. 24. The speech he gave was about former Olympian Greg Louganis, who competed in the 1988 games. When Louganis went to dive, he hit his head on the diving board. The accident caused him to cut his head and he bled in the pool. Louganis, at the time of the games, was positive for HIV.

Louganis later came back to win another gold medal, defending his Olympic springboard title.

The speech was motivational and about perseverance, Edwin said.

“It shows that one moment in time can change everything. Pick yourself up and move forward. The only way you could fail is if you give up,” he said.

As an athlete there is a long road to travel, he said, adding “always do better than your best.”

By being in the Olympics, Edwin has gotten to travel all over the world, from Alaska to Australia. His favorite place to visit has been a small island off the cost of Africa named Mauritius.

Edwin said the people of the island are a blending mixing pot consisting of all types of nationalities.

“I fell in love with the people,” Edwin said. “It is a peaceful place with no judgment.”

Every country that Edwin visits, he likes to experience it to the fullest. He immerses himself in the culture and talks to every person to get to know them and learn their story.

Once in Australia, Edwin walked along a beach and met a business man who had once been homeless. The man, Edwin said, visited the beach when he could just so he could remind himself to always give a helping hand, because it was someone’s helping

hand that allowed him to become a manager.

“If everyone in the world would give a helping hand the world would be at peace,” Edwin said.

Coming to Ohio, and especially Tiffin, Edwin has found the people warm.

“Tiffin is a lovely town,” Edwin said. “Everything that you would need as a student is within walking distance. It is a great place to come to graduate.”