Commissioners to meet in Fostoria tonight

Seneca County commissioners are to meet tonight at Fostoria Municipal Building, 213 S. Main St., at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting in Fostoria is the first of four meetings this year the commissioners are to have away from the usual meeting time and place.

In new business, the board is to consider:

An appropriation adjustment of $20,000 within the Maintenance and Repair Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $3,956.41 to be made to the Recovery Act Rural Law Enforcement Assistance Fund.

A supplemental apporpriation of $1,308,727 to a Bridge Rehabilitation Fund.

A resolution authorizing the commissioners to sign a release and settlement agreement with Herbert Faber.

A resolution to set the time, date and place to recieve sealed bids for a CR 38 bridge replacement.

A resolution amending the board’s orders of Dec. 27, 2012, authorizing the purchase of 2013 Ford Explorer police interceptor through the Ohio Department of Administrative Services cooperative purchasing program from local vendor in lieu of bidding on behalf of the Seneca County sheriff.

A resolution establishing a CR 38 bridge replacement fund.

A resolution authorizing the commissioners to certify the 2012 county highway system mileage certificate.

Bill vouchers.