Training teaches crisis response

Five people from the New Riegel Local School District attended an active shooter training session Tuesday sponsored by the office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

The training was held at the Lucas County Educational Service Center and was presented by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.

The purpose of the training was to recognize signs of students who may become active shooters and understand the five phases (fantasy, planning, preparation, approach and implementation) of the active shooter phenomenon.

“We also discussed how to prepare for an active shooter incident,” Superintendent Elaine Nye said. “This discussion included establishing procedures, developing priorities during the incident, discussing how we would communicate with one another in the facility, whether to evacuate, barricading the rooms, and whether or not to confront the attacker.”

The district hopes to have a similar presentation for the entire staff, Nye said.

“We do not currently have that scheduled,” she said.

“If (we are) not able to bring someone in to conduct the training, we have the PowerPoint so we could go through the slides and presentation ourselves,” Nye said.

“We have contacted several law enforcement agencies to see about attending a training, but have made no plans to do so. I believe the training we attended (Tuesday) will meet our needs.”

Nye said there are no plans to arm teachers.

“That is not what this training was about,” she said.

The district has a crisis plan and is investigating adding more security cameras to the school and additional locks that would create barriers to various parts of the building.

“I believe we currently do a good job of providing a safe environment for our students. However, if there are other things we can implement to make it even safer, we will look into them,” Nye said.

“We will be reviewing our crisis plan, providing the training to our staff and doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for our students,” she said.