Titles change for police secretaries

The finance committee approved changing police department secretary position titles during a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Secretary (Youth Services), secretary (Detective Bureau), clerk/typist (Police Dept.) and transcriptionist (Police Dept.) positions have now been changed to secretary III police, secretary II police and secretary I police.

Police Chief Fred Stevens said the positions are to combine job duties from the former positions.

He said the two secretaries at the department will be secretary II, and he wants to make them secretary III because they do enough work to deserve the title, but the department does not have the money in the budget to pay them higher wages. Secretaries’ duties include clerk and reception work, transcribing interviews that officers conduct, organizing paperwork, organizing and maintaining evidence, organizing records and other duties.

In other business, the police department received a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas grant, which is to reimburse the department for $1,761.26 of overtime.

The committee also discussed what the city should do with the revenue generated from hotel/motel tax. The city is expected to generate about $40,000 from the tax, and Finance Committee Chairman Mark Hayes said he would like to see funds go toward economic development.