Mohawk receives EPA funds

SYCAMORE – At Monday night’s school board meeting, Mohawk principal Brett Graham said a $15,000 grant has been obtained from the Ohio EPA and Ohio Educational Service. Students are to use specialized equipment and test kits to evaluate water quality and provide information to the state through a database. Mohawk is one of a few schools to receive the grant.

End-of-term and end-of-school-year testing is to begin in 2015, replacing the Ohio Graduate Tests and Ohio Achievement Assessments, according to schools superintendent Kenneth Ratliff. The Ohio Department of Education and the Partnership of Readiness for College and Careers are to oversee the program.

Ratliff also reported a change in the Ohio Department of Education’s rating system will entail school districts receiving a “compounded” letter grade based on graduation rate, student growth, student achievement, annual measurable objectives and K-3 grade literacy.

The objectives will rate how a school district is performing in narrowing gaps in math and reading in the student body according to socioeconomic, ethnic, racial or disability status.

Mohawk district treasurer Roy Swartz gave a presentation regarding Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal for next year. The district would receive more than $744,000 less next year compared to 2009, with the state considering Mohawk as $660,000 overfunded. The bill, which requires approval by the state House and Senate, still could undergo changes.

Items approved


Troy Keller to serve as volunteer baseball coach.

One-year contracts for substitute teachers.

Chris Arnold received a one-year contract as substitute bus operator and 21-month contract as night custodian.

List of Mohawk seniors eligible for graduation in spring.

Membership in the Ohio School Boards Association.

Two overnight wrestling outings to BGSU and Columbus for district and state competition.

The board also issued one-year supplemental contracts to:

Dave Trusty, junior varsity assistant baseball coach.

Chris Clinger, junior varsity assistant softball coach.

Paul Dunn, junior varsity assistant baseball coach.

Rodney Clinger, junior varsity assistant softball coach.

The board is to meet March 11.