Krout students jump to $2,550 donation

Over the past 15 years, Tiffin City Schools has participated in Jump Rope for Heart which raises money for the American Heart Association.

Krout 2-3 Elementary School concluded fundraising efforts Feb. 13, raising $2,550, Physical Education teacher, Mike Felske said. Felske said the school surpassed the goal of $1,500.

Students were sent home a packet of information and an envelope to collect donations, Felske said. Then, students participated in a variety of jump rope activities during their physical education class.

“This program teaches students to give back to people that are less fortunate than they are,” Felske said. “Students may have a family member who has or had a form of heart disease so it can be relateable for them.”

The program also is an incentive for the class that raises the most money, in that they get to conduct what they do during their next class.

“There are many benefits of the dollars raised, but the main point and focus is that this money helps save lives,” Principal Doug Hartenstein said.

Last year Krout raised $1,450 for the American Heart Association.

“Students become aware of other circumstances out there and they become conscious of what issues they might face (later),” Felske said. “It’s not all about the money.”

For third graders Alyssa Recker and Ian Covell, their favorite part is of course jump-roping.

“I think of the kids that are born with holes in their hearts,” Recker said.

For Covell, the program has taught him to think about people who do not have much.