Commissioner Stacy outlines plans to Republic council

REPUBLIC Seneca County commissioner Holly Stacy visited the Republic village council meeting Monday night, introducing herself and assuring council and the administration that though they “work as three equal, independent commissioners we work together on what’s best for the county and the people,”

She said she is going through a learning curve. In reviewing the commissioners meeting schedule, she told council meetings are being moved around, in Fostoria for the March meeting and another in June, both in the evening.

Answering a question about casino revenues, Stacy said in a recent commissioners training event at Deer Creek State Park, she conducted an informal survey of commissioners representing counties near this county’s size and found most used casino funds to help balance their budgets. Some also used the funds for capital improvements and engineering departments.

Two things commissioners would like to work on include trying to fill empty spaces in buildings around the county and lowering the tax base, which she feels would assist in stimulating the economy, she said.

Councilman Michael Oberlander asked what commissioners could do to assist farmers. Stacy said they are limited since they do not operate farm programs, but said more people buying local would keep dollars here. She also pointed out that processors in the county could work more directly with the farmers, such as POET in Fostoria.

Stacy plans on attending a meeting at the Center for Innovative Food Technology near Bowling Green Thursday which will look at local markets.

Finance officer Monique Delaney reported $3,200 in unemployment benefits were paid for two employees for six weeks, and January claims will be coming in.

Councilman Jeff Larick discussed limb pick up, with council approving the service to be set for the first Monday in March.

Mayor Bruce Lambert said issues at the wastewater plant have slowed down progress in tending to the brush pile.

Larick reported on behalf of the utility committee which met Feb. 10 with resident Steve Aichholz and discussed electric rates. Larick told council current rates will be in effect for a year, then the committee is to take another look. Rates were last modified by ordinance in 2009.

Resident Ann Haaser asked when the current contract with Clyde-based FSI refuse company expires. She expressed a desire to return to her former refuse hauler, Karl’s Hauling, citing issues with FSI’s service. Lambert and Delaney said the three-year contract will expire at the end of 2013, allowing residents to choose their own hauler. Council and the mayor said the contract may not be renewed. Larick said Duke Fultz of FSI welcomes calls with problems in service.

Council approved:

An ordinance approving council’s rules of procedure.

A request by George and Edith Hemminger representing Scipio Republic Area Historical Society to have an old-fashioned windmill erected near the log cabin.

Accepted a gift of a server rack valued at $220 from Revere Products of Clyde through police chief and Revere employee Don Holmer.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel and property.

The next council meeting is 6:30 p.m. March 4 at village hall.