New coalition seeking more gun regulation

Sunday evening, the Quad County Coalition for Sensible Regulation of Guns came into being in Fostoria.

For organizational purposes, it is a committee of the Fostoria Area Citizens for Peace. The group is not affiliated directly with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. However, OCAGV Executive Director Toby Hoover is to assist by keeping the local coalition in the loop on what is happening in Ohio and the nation on gun issues.

Josie Setzler, who spoke on “Guidelines for Legislative Advocacy” at this weekend’s forum, is to send contact information for government officials and tips on communicating with legislators to volunteers.

The Quad County Coalition is compiling a list of interested citizens who wish to be active supporters, and the group is seeking endorsements of interested groups.

Suggested reforms the coalition is promoting:

Ban sale and use of all assault weapons except for military use.

Ban sale and use of high-capacity ammunition magazines and limit those available to fewer than 10 bullets.

Require thorough background checks and 28-day waiting period for all gun sales.

Close the “gun show loophole” (no restrictions on private sales of firearms) and increase penalties of those who lie on background checks.

Increase support for treatment of mental illness. Require professionals to report mentally ill patients who threaten to use guns or have access to them.

Ban sale and use of bullets that can penetrate “bullet proof” vests of police officers.

Include national firearms database as part of increased budget and staffing for ATF.

Make gun trafficking a felony.

Rollback concealed-carry laws.

Regulate guns in much the same way as the manufacture, sale and operation of motor vehicles are controlled. This would include minimum age for operation, renewable licensing of operators, required education, registration, a statewide database for drivers and vehicles, required safety features and penalties for using a firearm while impaired.

For further information, contact Jim Bailey at (419) 435-2163 or Ronnie Kromer at (419) 436-2298.