Council discusses pool, park items

BLOOMVILLE The village council Wednesday night discussed items related to the park and pool.

Street superintendent Rick Dentinger sought council’s feelings on removing the high diving board as it cannot be repaired to its prior shape and liability issues restrict the fabrication of parts.

Dentinger will be removing the larger pool’s pump and motor for evaluation by Bennett Electric. Mayor Robert George informed council he is seeking a quote for the placement of an additional basketball hoop in the park. Other ideas brought up by council would be placing a hoop in the school park or turning the skateboard park into a basketball court.

Councilman Ray Weasner noted increased door-to-door soliciting in the village. Currently the village requires a permit which costs $1 per day or $5 annually. Weasner suggested the annual fee be raised to $50. Councilwoman Carol Adams suggested a $25 fee for a “peddler’s permit”. Current legislation will be located and reviewed at a future meeting.

Clerk-treasurer Janis Weasner told council that separate mutual aid agreements will be signed for the Villages of Republic and Attica. Hoover and council had previously approved the mutual aid agreement which was initiated by Republic. Council unanimously passed resolution 2013-2 as an emergency, approving a mutual aid agreement for additional police protection between Bloomville and Republic.

Meetings noted included:

Finance committee, 3:30 pm Jan. 28, village hall;

Seneca County Village Association semi-annual meeting Jan. 31 in Attica;

Seneca County Regional Planning, Feb. 6, Heidelberg’s Wickham Hall;

Next regular council meeting 7 pm Feb. 6, village hall.