City back to application stage on court grant

The city has officially been turned down for a joint-courthouse Local Government Innovation Fund grant from the Ohio Department of Development, Mayor Aaron Montz said at a special city council meeting Wednesday night.

Montz said the city would have made it, but the state changed the point scale and Tiffin fell two points short of being eligible for the grant. He said the city will have to “fine-tune” everything, and try to get in the third round of funding, which is to be in May.

“It’s a little disappointing, but it’s just a minor setback,” he said.

City council had a special meeting to approve ordinances that they could not pass at Monday’s meeting due to some members being absent.

During the special meeting, council approved:

An ordinance amending section 149.032(d) and 149.09 of Tiffin Codified Ordinances to update the requirements for firefighters promotions, and declaring an emergency.

An ordinance amending budget ordinance 12-73 to provide funds for expenditures approved in 2012 for projects which were not fully completed in that year and must be carried over into 2013.

An ordinance authorizing the city administrator to prepare plans and specifications, advertise for and receive bids, and recommend and execute contracts for renting sewer meters and rain gauges for sewer flow monitoring, and declaring an emergency.

An ordinance authorizing and directing the mayor to grant an easement to American Fine Sinter Co. Ltd., restricting buildings and structures on property, and declaring an emergency.