Bloomville mayor presents plan

BLOOMVILLE – After wishing council a “happy new year,” Mayor Robert George presented what he described as his “strategic plan” for 2013 at Wednesday evening’s Bloomville Village Council meeting.

George’s projects include repairing sidewalks, installing handicapped accessible curbs, replacing or repairing some curbs and culverts and continuing to work with Verizon in regards to a cellular tower for the village.

George would like the Streets and Sidewalks Committee to perform a spring walk-through in the village to assess sidewalks. According to George and clerk-treasurer Janis Weasner, the village has utilized a program in the past which would reimburse a homeowner for a portion of the cost of their sidewalks. George said the sidewalks were the responsibility of property owners. Weasner said costs for repairs could be assessed on owners’ taxes through a special procedure.

George suggested the village could seek grants to help with the cost of handicapped accessible curbs. Councilman Ray Weasner suggested the curbs could be formed using cold patch.

George set committee assignments for 2013,


Finance Carol Adams, Nancy Zellers and Ray Weasner.

Streets and Sidewalks Ray Sexton, Travis Cole and Tracy Meadows.

Buildings and Grounds Meadows, Cole and Zellers.

Police Adams, Ray Weasner and Sexton.

Park Zellers and Cole with citizens Dave Auble and Jay Hoy asked to fill out the committee.

Legislation approved included:

An ordinance to appropriate for expenses during 2013, passed as an emergency.

A resolution to appoint Councilman Weasner as president pro tempore for 2013.

Pending legislation reestablishing a joint aid police pact between Bloomville, Republic and Attica is to be signed by George upon Attica’s approval.

Police Chief Howard Minzer reported all officers have completed state-mandated training in human trafficking.

Bloomville’s two-year contract with Fultz and Son for residential rubbish removal expires in February. Council voted to extend the contract for another year at the current price with no changes. Extending for longer than one year would have incurred a fuel surcharge and possible rate increases. Sexton questioned whether the service should be put up for bid at the end of the current contract, but other council members said no.

Janis Weasner reported she was contacted by social services representative Melissa Gurney of Tiffin Ruffing Family Care Center. Gurney was instrumental in setting up free blood pressure screenings at the “Gathering Place,” the village’s senior center, assisted by Michelle King of Bloomville Ruffing Family Care Center. Gurney said good turnout at the session is to ensure participation on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 11 a.m. according to Gurney.

The center is open 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesdays for seniors to meet for cards, puzzles and conversation.

The next council meeting is 7 p.m. Jan. 16 at village hall.