2 file for seats in primary

Two candidates have filed petitions to run for office in the May 7 primary election and several others have requested petitions, according to the Seneca County Board of Elections.

Mark Repp, who is to run for re-election as municipal judge, and Mark Pardi, who is to run for city council president, are the only candidates to file their petitions with the Board of Elections.

Councilman Rich Cline, who represents the 4th Ward, also has requested a petition to run for council president.

Council President Paul Elchert has said he is not planning to run for re-election.

Nathan Mowrey, Steven Lepard, Jim Green, Craig Scaife and current at-large councilmen Mark Hayes and Tyler Shuff have requested petitions to run for three at-large council positions, but have yet to file.

The deadline to file a petition is Feb. 6.