Columbian band students in state contest

PHOTO BY NICOLE WALBY The Columbian High School wind ensemble practices Wednesday afternoon, preparing to perform at state competition Saturday at Findlay High School.

For the sixth year in a row, Columbian High School band students will get a chance to perform at state competition Saturday.

Fifty-four students who make up the high school’s wind ensemble are to perform three pieces at 10 a.m. at Findlay High School after earning superior ratings at district competition in March at the Ohio Music Education Association state-adjudicated event.

Mike Meadows, Columbian’s band director, said the group will perform for three judges and earn a rating from 1-5.

“We started preparation back in early December,” he said.

The band is to perform pieces titled, “Silvercrest,” “Into the Sunset” and a piece required from the state list, “Different Voices.”

Meadows said each piece has a different musical style.

“We wanted to choose pieces that show the band can perform a variety of styles and meters,” Meadows said.

Seniors Hannah Treadway, Dennis Williams and Lidia Bruno have gone on to state competitions all four years of their high school career.

Williams plays tuba, and Bruno and Treadway play clarinet.

Williams said it is exciting to again go on to state, with this being the last year of high school for him.

“It is exciting to be able to carry that legacy through,” Treadway said.

Bruno said it is exciting to have seen herself improve and her band mates around her improve throughout the years.

“To see how I’ve grown, it is due to Meadows’ hard work and dedication to the band,” she said. “He does a great job of inspiring passion.”

Bruno is planning on pursuing a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology after high school and said even though she doesn’t plan to continue to pursue music, being a part of the band has shaped who she is.

“It has been a big impact for me as a person,” she said.

Treadway said she is going to pursue a degree in genetics and music and Williams is going on to seek a degree in music education.

Overall, Meadows said the band has had a good season.

“This year, we have a small senior class, and most of the band is made up of underclassman,” Meadows said. “With how well they perform, it is exciting to see the future of the group.”

Meadows said a lot of hard work has gone into preparing for competitions.

“The students are fundamentally sound as musicians,” Meadows said. “They work together to improve the product. To do this on a yearly basis is a testament to the hard work the kids do and to see them buy in and making music important is exciting for a community and a school to see a band as strong as they are.”

Also, the high school’s choirs – Concert Choir, Freshmen 9/10 Boys Choir and Freshman 9/10 Girls Choir – are to perform at state competitions Friday.