Young boy volunteers time, saves money for education

Shane Webb, an 11-year-old boy from Old Fort, is volunteering his time monthly and already saving money for college.

This begs the question, “what were you doing with your time and money when you were 11?” Bob Sheffer, AMVETS Post 48 commander, knows exactly what he had on his mind when he was a young boy.

“When I was 11 years old, I saved my money for the ice cream truck,” Sheffer said.

Webb volunteers his time at the AMVETS by helping to set up and bus tables for a monthly breakfast run by the Sons of AMVETS. Webb said he has been volunteering for almost a year.

“I show up about an hour early. I set up the tables, put out napkins, salt and pepper and I help clean all the tables off,” he said.

Webb, who is preparing to enter the fifth grade, said his favorite part about the breakfasts are the kind people he meets.

Webb’s grandmother, Ida Biller, said Webb plans on opening a bank account once he saves a certain amount. She recalled the first time Webb received tips for his hard work.

“He had to get permission to help out. After that he said, ‘will you keep [the tip money] for me’, so we have a coffee can with little envelopes in it,” said Ida Biller.

Randy Smith has been volunteering at the AMVETS for 20 years. Smith collects money at the beginning of the buffet and also helps to set up and clean tables. Smith had positive reviews of Webb’s performance.

“I love him to death. He saves me a lot of work. He’s a great kid and he charms people,” said Smith.

The Billers estimate Webb has saved close to $700. Webb’s mother, Lisa Lynch, was surprised when she learned where her son’s hard-earned money was going.

“Someone told him around Christmas that he would have enough money to buy a nice present. He looked them in the eye and said, ‘No, I’m saving that money for college,'” she said.

Webb treated Sunday’s breakfast like any other, while his fellow volunteers commented on the speed and effort of his work throughout the morning. Webb said his motivation for saving money for college is simple.

“Most people I see who are going to college are in debt,” he said.

Sheffer interrupted the breakfast briefly to present a certificate of achievement and a letter to Webb.

“You’re an inspiration to your peers,” Sheffer said during the speech.

Sheffer is happy to have Webb volunteering and said his hard work is appreciated.

“These are the kids you want to promote and encourage. We’d like to think (the certificate) is a high honor,” Sheffer said, “we need more kids like him.”