McCartan’s Grocery continues tradition

McCartan’s Grocery opened in 1875 at 41 S. Sandusky St. The store is still in operation and still owned by the McCartan family.

The current proprietors, Maureen and Eric McCartan, have been running the business for more than 40 years. When customers enter, Maureen greets them and rings up the sales at the original, marble-topped counter. Eric’s usual post is behind the meat counter.

Maureen said about 90 percent of their sales are for high-quality, fresh meats, including prime cuts, which are not widely available at other stores. People can call to place meat orders in advance and come in to pick them up. The store also carries grocery staples, some produce, Nickles baked goods, beer and wine, bottled water and paper products.

The building has been altered slightly over its lifespan, but it looks much the same as it did more than 100 years ago.

Maureen said the structure originally was built to house a store. One feature is a skylight toward the back of the display floor. When she and Eric replaced the floor, they chose black-and-white square tiles in keeping with the vintage look. They also put a new roof on the building.

Whenever they visit small towns, the McCartans look for small stores such as theirs that are still operating. Maureen bemoaned the loss of so many retail stores in downtown Tiffin, which once was a popular place to go on a Friday night.