Daily Log, April 7

Tiffin reports

• Lorianne Bright, 28, of Tiffin, was charged with marijuana paraphernalia, drug paraphernalia and endangering children Friday.

• Dawn E. Bauer, 48, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Saturday.

County report

• A 600-block East TR 1196 person reported fraud and theft Friday evening

Fostoria reports

• A 300-block West South Street woman reported a woman stole her phone early Saturday morning.

• A 600-block Lynn Street woman reported money was missing from her account Saturday afternoon.

• A 400-block West Ridge Drive man reported a scam telephone call Saturday afternoon.

Tiffin accident

• A citation of stop sign violation was issued after a two-vehicle, non-injury accident at Summit and Main streets Friday evening.


• Bascom fire and EMS responded to CSX tracks that were smoking at TR 112 Saturday afternoon.

• Bascom fire and EMS and the Echo unit responded to a field fire at 858 S. TR 110 Saturday afternoon.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had one squad run Friday night and two squad runs Saturday afternoon.

• Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Saturday morning.


Municipal Court


• Johnathan Frankel, Galena, registration violation, $140; Jason E. Cornman, Everett,

Pennsylvania, driver seat belt violation, $85; Rogelio Guerra, Findlay, speed, $186; Keith M.

Reiter, 169 Nelson St., Tiffin, speed, $129; Christina L. Gonzales, 808 W. Center St., Fostoria, failure to yield right of way, $140; Tracy L. Williams, Bascom, turn signal violation, $140; Reyna Baker, 1140 Sandusky St., Fostoria, speed, $234; Ariel L. Brandt, Toledo, failure to yield right of way, $185; Laurel Weaver, 85 Eighth Ave., Tiffin, dog at large violation, $115; David Falter, 85 Eighth Ave., Tiffin, dog at large violation, $115.

• Morgan J. Harrigan, 60 Main St., Tiffin, registration violation, $185; Candice M. Bartson,

Green Springs, speed, $132; Brandon T. Garber, Fremont, assured clear distance, $140; Chelsea L. Talley, 620 Lexington Ave., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Michael T. Woolsey, Bellevue, speed, $138; Thomas H. Hoover, Tiffin, failure to control/weaving, $140; Erin N. Somers, 30 Riverlea Park, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Robert T. Hradek, 63 Eden St., Tiffin, speed, $126; Grace E. Stober, Sycamore, speed, $141; Joelle N. Wurm, Willard,

failure to yield right of way, $140.

• Nicholas E. Drake, Bloomville, failure to control, $140; John Ward, Bloomville, speed, $126; James R. Fraley, 686 S. Sandusky St., Lot 119, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $185; Marcia A. Strong, Woodville, speed, $129; Kristen E. Turner, 78 Main St., Tiffin, speed, $132; Jacob I.

Webb, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Jed A. Brubaker, Middleton, speed, $144; Larai D. Williams, 111 S. Cadwallader St., Fostoria, speed, $150; Stephen E. Coleman, 843 N. Union St.,

Fostoria, assured clear distance, $140; Dakota P. Burgess, Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240.

• Jason L. Drown, Republic, speed, $138; Kevin R. Glenn, 770 Arbor St., Fostoria, speed, $141; Benjamin M. Palyshka, 116 Elm St., Fostoria, failure to control, $140; Ann E. Gottfried, 185 Hall St., Tiffin, speed, $141; Jacob W. Smith, McComb, speed, $150; Brandon C. Kamm, Huron, failure to control, $158; Rickey T. Perrin, Sr., Toledo, passenger seat belt violation, $130; Stormy R. Heath, Risingsun, improper displaying of license plates, $185; Dylan Brown, Bettsville, speed, $126; Mohammad Ammar, Cleveland, failure to control, $140.

• Anthony W. Havens, Washington Court House, speed, $159; Evan D. Kelch, Republic, speed, $135; Seth N. Nisonger, Galena, speed, $147; Amanda M. Jones, 160 S. Sandusky St., Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Emily A. Smith, Republic, following too close violation, $140; Janet M. Grover-Balduf, Attica, failure to control, $140; Jared T. Lindig, West Lafayette, speed, $138; Blake Crane, Findlay, speed, $135; Samantha J. Runion, 87 Minerva St., Tiffin, stop sign violation, $190; Tracy L. Rosen, Fremont, speed, $132.

• Derek M. Mullholand, Risingsun, failure to control, $140; Aaron H. Mitchell, Bellbrook,

speed, $129; Kenneth A. McDougal, II, Gahanna, registration violation, $140; Shawn E. Griffin, Kansas, failure to control, $140; Patrick G. Pariseau, 806 W. Center St., Fostoria, speed, $116; Rebecca J. Sullivan, Rawson, driver seat belt violation, $85; Ronald R. Clingman, Fostoria,

assured clear distance, $140; Sherry D. Showman, 1305 Fairway Dr., Fostoria, speed, $141; Cathy E. Brooks, 43 Linwood Rd., Tiffin, speed, $141; Amy M. Boseman, Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Om Kathet, Columbus, failure to control, $140; Adrienne Schalk, Tiffin, speed, $129; Eugene P. Brickner, Jr., failure to control, $140; Roi A. Rouser, Fostoria, speed, $144; Aubrie J. DeRose, 450 N. Washington St., Tiffin, stop sign violation, $140; McKenzie J. Deuble, Fostoria, speed, $144; Darryl Mayes, Sr., Valley City, speed, $132; Brandon L. Sheets, 634 Arbor St., Fostoria,speed, $150; Amanda M. Martin, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Muath Alhazmi, Findlay, speed, $150,

• Brenda C. Luhring, Sycamore, speed, $135; Chad N. Swartz, Bellevue, assured clear distance, $140; Halley A. Zanville, Toledo, speed, $129; James W. Bingham, Amherst, speed, $132; Hayden A. Cook, Sycamore, speed, $147; Zachery J. Orwig, Bellevue, speed, $219; Tiffany N.

Chancey, Fremont, speed, $205; Anna Drown, Old Fort, dog at large violation, $115; Kisha A. Ludwig, Findlay, speed, $132; Paul R. Banach, Linden, New Jersey, speed, $126.

• Antoinette F. Morris, Findlay, speed, $132; Dmitiri T. Vigil, Fremont, speed, $147; Tyler D. Smith, 1204 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria, speed, $135; Thomas A. Brickley, Green Springs, speed, $138; Noah H. Messerall, Croton, assured clear distance, $140; Kaylee M. Jablonski, Findlay, speed, $147; John W. Noftz, Clyde, speed, $132; Richard D. Feasel, 17 Erie St., Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240; Timothy S. Ragle, 325 Water St., Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240; Rafael S. Cuellar, Findlay, speed, $126.

• Timothy C. Mompher, Findlay, speed, $144; Breanna R. Hatfield, Willard, speed, $129;

Patience N. Dunson, Findlay, speed, $138; Peter W. Cleveland, Findlay, speed, $132; Jeffrey M. Sullivan, 234 Atha Ave., Fostoria, speed, $138; Monica Rodriguez, Willard, speed, $162; Timmy L. Elkins, Clyde, left of center violation, $140, distracted driving violation, $100; Nelene K.

Keckler, 73 Eighth Ave., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Joy D. Harbaugh, Seville, speed, $129; Amber J. Brodman-Young, Bloomville, assured clear distance violation, $140.

• Terry C. Moon, New Riegel, speed, $132; Patti S. Cassidy, Attica, assured clear distance

violation, $140; Joseph L. Brodzenski, Galion, speed, $135; Mariah E. Beebe, Green Springs, speed, $138; Jeremy A. Feasel, Tiffin, speed, $138; Trenton D. Hale, Albion, Illinois, speed, $126; John W. Flinders, Findlay, traffic control light violation, $140; Christopher P. Adams, Willard, driver seat belt violation, $110; Steven Stallard, Findlay, speed, $165; Mark A.

Cervenka, Danville, California, speed, $126.

• Shelby M. Covert, 686 S. Sandusky St., Lot 66, Tiffin, speed, $141; Tiffany A. Huffman, 95 Second Ave., Tiffin, speed, $132; Mary A. McKinnon, 160 Elm St., Fostoria, stop sign violation, $140; Lenore A. Bergstrom, 149 Sycamore St., Tiffin, speed, $138; Rachel L. Morrison, Cadiz, speed, $141; Morgan K. Hixenbaugh, 282 Hedges St., Tiffin, speed, $135; Naomi Chapman, 101 Bradner St., Fostoria, speed, $132; Joseph Steele, 372 W. Perry St., Tiffin, speed, $144.