Daily Log, June 15

Tiffin reports

• Jeffrey R. Neikirk, 59, of Tiffin, was charged with assault and theft Wednesday.

• Shawn K. Rohrbach, 38, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Wednesday.

• A first-block Penn Street man reported Wednesday night a youth was jumping on his car and left dents.

• A 600-block West Market Street person reported Thursday afternoon the theft of a license plate.

• A 300-block Melmore Street person reported Thursday afternoon it appeared trash was burned in front of one of the doors.

County reports

• Alexander M. Byrne, 18, of Tiffin, was charged with hit-skip and reckless operation Wednesday.

• Adam L. Blaser, 27, of Bloomville, was charged with disorderly conduct Wednesday.

• Norfolk Southern Railroad, of Bellevue, was charged with blocked railroad crossing Wednesday.

• A 1000-block North TR 73 woman reported Wednesday evening a computer fraud scheme.

Fostoria reports

• A person reported Wednesday evening two men were fighting at East High and North Main streets.

• A 600-block Parkway Drive person reported Thursday morning someone had taken funds from one of their accounts.

• A 200-block East Crocker Street woman reported Thursday afternoon her children had been stealing from her.

Tiffin accident

• A citation of improper lane change was issued after a two-vehicle accident on West Market Street Wednesday afternoon.

State Patrol

• Kim R. Rivas, 49, of Fostoria, was charged with a Financial Responsibility Act suspension and seatbelt Wednesday.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to a gas odor at East Market and South Monroe streets Thursday morning.

• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to an alarm system activation at 643 Miami St. Thursday afternoon. There was no fire, and it was unintentional.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had two squad runs Wednesday night and one squad run Thursday morning.

Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court


• Alexander Orabovich, Middleburg Heights, speed, $132; Audrianna E. Wieczorek, Clyde, speed, $153; Erica V. Jordan, Cleveland, speed, $135; Kaylene S. Garver, Marion, speed, $120; Jeremy E. Roddy, Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Reginald A. Thomas Jr., Maple Heights, driver inattention violation, $140; Laura J. Purcell, Sandusky, speed, $138; Daniel R. Hatcher, Fremont, speed, $144; Cooper D. Gilliland, 75 Clay St., Tiffin, rapid acceleration violation, $140; Ryan E. Shultz, 472 S. Washington St., Tiffin, speed, $126.

• Austin J. Curtiss, Republic, assured clear distance, $190; Alexis M. Huntebrinker, Fremont, speed, $132; Christopher Laudenslager, Tiffin, improper passing, $140; Roland F. Sendelbach, Tiffin, stop sign violation; Willie B. Mills Jr., Hamilton, traffic lanes violation, $185; Cory W. Schwab Jr., 58 1/2 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, hunting violation, $110; Samantha L. Stansbery, Sycamore, driver seat belt violation, $85; Jerry D. Smith, East Lynn, West Virginia, speed, $132; Levi J. Kline, Carey, speed, $186; Jacklyn L. Stohl, Clyde, speed, $132.

• Tara L. Runion, Republic, speed, $123; Logan J. Lykens, Tiffin, speed, $126; Valentina M. Groves, Bellevue, tag/stickler violation, $140; Nerieda O. Guzman, 168 E. Fremont St., Fostoria, speed, $135; Julia L. Cooper, Findlay, speed, $147; Justin R. Widman, Bellevue, speed, $168; Robert A. Lemaster, Tiffin, failure to control, $140; Rebecca S. Powell, Oak Harbor, speed, $132; Courtney R. Thomas, Medina, speed, $141; Steven A. Carter, Clyde, tag/sticker violation, $140.

• Austin J. Panuto, 101 Bryden St., Tiffin, equipment regulation violation, $140; Jane A. Broka, 906 Eastwood Drive, Fostoria, traffic control light violation, $140; Heather N. Owens, 326 N. Poplar St., Fostoria, speed, $126; William A. Bird, Tiffin, speed, $135; Tiffany A. Cohen, Green Springs, speed, $177; William M. Faitel III, Marysville, Michigan, failure to control, $140; Kaleb M. Young, 1125 Whittlesey St., Fostoria, speed, $135; Phillip M. Alexander, Blacklick, speed, $126; Ashley M. Clouse, Tiffin, speed, $144; Matthew O. Warner, Bellevue, speed, $132.

• Garrett T. Smith, 686 S. Sandusky St., Lot 51, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Nathan S. Weaver, Attica, speed, $168; Paul O. Strong, Fostoria, speed, $144; Sandra L. Hallett, 20 Crestview Drive, Tiffin, start/back violation, $140; Matthew R. Thayer, Monroeville, unspecified charge, $85; Taylor M. Daniel, Oregon, speed, $198; Nathan J. Nitecki, 299 Sycamore St., Tiffin, dog at large violation, $115; Robby Thompson, Cincinnati, speed, $168; Jeffrey A. Arnott, 301 E. Tiffin St., Fostoria, speed, $129; Macie E. Harvey, 127 Ella St., Tiffin, speed, $141.

• Vera R. Stalnaker, Bellevue, speed, $144; Dalton J. Church, Milan, speed, $156; Jesse J. McCollum, South Lebanon, speed, $129; Adam T. Byers, Dublin, speed, $120; Sherry L. Bishop, 509 Short Elm St., Fostoria, failure to yield right of way, $140; Lisa M. Bogart, 303 Coe St., Tiffin, speed, $132; Natasha S. Cartagena, 657 Buckley St., Fostoria, speed, $210; Tilden D. Wright III, 416 S. Sandusky St., Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240; Singh Gurvinder, Greenwood, Indiana, speed, $136; Christina R. Keener, 384 S. Monroe St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $185.

• Darla J. Holland, Fremont, stop sign violation, $185; Richard E. Lease, Sycamore, start/back violation, $140; John W. Ferstler, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Alexandra H. Bowman, Greenwich, speed, $120; Roger K. Caraway, 1521 N. Countyline St., Lot 127, Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Gage J. Seifert, Carey, two charges of speed, $147, $120; Kathleen M. Orians, Carey, speed, $162; Joseph M. Pitzer, Highland Heigh, Kentucky, speed, $138; Peter W. Wright, Highland Heights, assured clear distance, $140; Roberto Armuelles, Pembroke Pines, Florida, speed, $126.

• Jack M. Leslie, Upper Sandusky, speed, $120; James W. Fleming, Akron, tag/sticker violation, $140; Jeffrey L. Carter, Tiffin, turn signal violation, $140; Ray C. Berlekamp, Green Springs, speed, $135; Gary A. Dyer II, Sycamore, driver seat belt violation, $85; Joshua L. Riegle, Findlay, assured clear distance, $140; Christine D. Patte, 194 Riverside Drive, Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240; Charro D. Saad, Arlington, speed, $183; Joshua E. Traxler, 555 N. Poplar St., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Devin C. Borer, Tiffin, start/back violation, $140.

• Zhonghui Liu, Chicago, Illinois, assured clear distance, $140; Shelby N. Fuchs, Bellevue, speed, $129; Peyton E. Miller, Tiffin, speed, $126; Kenny Conley, Norwalk, speed, $126; Ian K. Miller, Sandusky, speed, $126; Randy C. Nichols, New Riegel, speed, $129; Sara M. Susher, 44 Greenfield St., Tiffin, registration violation, $140; Carlos Aguirre, Fremont, assured clear distance, $140; Loyd J. Hall, 1123 Buckley St., Fostoria, tag/sticker violation, $140; John J. Miller, 208 E. Perry St., Tiffin, dog at large violation, $115.

• Robert C. Deckard, Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $240; Sukhwinder S. Gill, London, Ontario, Canada, speed, $123; Antione L. Williams Jr., VanBuren, driver seat belt violation, $130; Gloria Teets, 205 Douglas St., Tiffin, speed, $126; Michael P. Felice, Upper Sandusky, speed, $129; Jill R. Goddard, Tiffin, driver inattention violation, $140; Siphokazi Lali, 1316 Stratford Lane, Fostoria, speed, $153; Patricia A. Legg, Green Springs, driver seat belt violation, $85; Ronald G. Flanik Jr., Homerville, speed, $135, driver seat belt violation, $30; Thaddeus I. Hall, Columbus, speed, $129.

• Robert L. Beese, Norwalk, speed, $129; Dea J. Owens, Kansas, speed, $162; Bradley J. Walter, Mt. Blanchard, speed, $133, driver seat belt violation, $30; Joseph A. Edgeson, Plymouth, start/back violation, $140; Gregory A. Rumschlag, Tiffin, speed, $141; Margarita Burns, 1023 Dillon Circle, Fostoria, speed, $135; Cathy J. Haubert, New Riegel, red light violation, $140; Holly M. Eichinger, 461 W. Lytle St., Lot 33, Fostoria, speed, $135; Darius J. Johnson, 1123 Francis Ave., Apt. 13, Fostoria, riding outside of vehicle, $140;


Corn $3.56

Wheat $4.96

Beans $8.81