Daily Log, April 29

Tiffin reports

• Jamie Summers, 53, of Fostoria, was charged with theft Friday.

• Francisco G. Gonzalez, 37, of Willard, was charged with open container in motor vehicle Friday.

• An employee of Walmart, 2801 W. SR 18, reported a shoplifter Friday evening.

• Christina J. Larick, 37, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Saturday.

• Sierra D. Arthur, 22, of Tiffin, was charged with marijuana possession and marijuana paraphernalia Saturday.

• A 200-block Charlotte Street woman reported her vehicle’s windshield was broken out Saturday afternoon.

• A woman reported windows were broken out and there was damage to the front door of a residence in the 100 block of Second Avenue Saturday afternoon.

County report

• A 6000-block West CR 62 man reported identity theft Saturday morning.

Fostoria report

• A woman reported her vehicle was stolen from the 200 block of West Fourth Street Saturday morning.

Tiffin accident

• April L. Winget, 37, of Tiffin, was cited with failure to control after an accident on South Washington Street Friday evening.

County accident

• A person reported a bucket fell out of his vehicle and damaged another vehicle on East SR 162 Saturday morning.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to 140 Apple St. for a natural vegetation fire Friday night.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had two squad runs Friday afternoon, one squad run Friday evening, three squad runs Friday night and two squad runs Saturday morning. Clinton fire assisted Saturday morning.

• NBS EMS, Sycamore fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Friday evening.

• Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit had one squad run Friday evening and one squad run Saturday morning.

• Republic EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Saturday morning.

• Bloomville EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Saturday morning.

Seneca County Probate Court


• Bruce Dale Covert, Tiffin.

• Barbara L. Warner, Fostoria.

Marriage license applications

• Abygale Sue Bodi and Zachary Thomas Carl Brickner, Tiffin.

• Shelby Ann Catherine Fitch and Derek James Bloom, Tiffin.

• Nikkia Marie Cooper, Tiffin, and Caleb Alexander Steele, Fostoria.

• Daniel Eugene Reinhart and Cassandra Vanesse Davidson, Bloomville.

• Kendra Lee Gooding and Heather Ann Cleveland, Tiffin.

• Kyle Anthony Tong and Alexx Andria Schwalenberg, New Riegel.

Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court


• Brian K. DeBold, Attica, speed, $186; Craig E. Kirby, 136 W. Market St., Apt. C, Tiffin, failure to control, $130; Everett A. Jarrett, Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Jason L. Barton, Plain City, speed, $156; Lucinda Harris, Sandusky, speed, $132; Emma A. Prince, 623 College Ave., Fostoria, speed, $135; Deavan M. Gosche, Fostoria, speed, $153; Andrew C. Price, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Ray C. Berlekamp, Green Springs, driver seat belt violation, $85; Frank J. Longo, 150 S. Tecumseh Trail, Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Matthew S. Bleckinger, Bettsville, stop sign violation, $140; Glenn E. Stuckey, Tiffin, speed, $126; Tyler J. Danner, Tiffin, start/back violation, $140; Hunter C. Brady, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Emanuel T. Fatseas, Sycamore, slow speed violation, $140; Reynaldo S. Mauricio, Findlay, driver seat belt violation, $85; Dennis Onufriychuk, Spartanburg, South Carolina, failure to control, $148; Melissa A. Smith, Findlay, disorderly conduct, $240; Madeline F. Meeker, Bascom, turn signal violation, $185; Deborah A. Wilson, Eastlake, speed, $138.

• Terrie A. Hopkins, Norwalk, speed, $126; Fred L. Jones III, Bloomville, speed, $126; True W. Fox, Findlay, speed, $138; Michael R. Damschroder, Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Sandra K. Mangus, Republic, speed, $129; Coty M. Gregg, Rudolph, speed, $120; Joyce A. Haney, 1387 North Drive, Fostoria, speed, $198; Jessica L. Hammer, Fostoria, speed, $216; Rocky R. Fox, Morral, equipment regulation violation, $140; Arthur R. Renninger, 124 W. Davis St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140.

• Noah J. Henkel, Fremont, speed, $144; Amanda R. Reinemeyer, 115 Taft Blvd., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $130; Randall Seiling, Toledo, equipment regulation violation, $140; Tiffini R. Lasch, Willard, failure to control, $140; Juliette M. Candelaria, 151 Minerva St., Tiffin, speed, $135; Gerardo A. Arcecortez, Port Chester, New York, failure to follow truck route violation, $140; Richard Flores II, 325 W. North St., Fostoria, speed, $138; Stacey A. Harper, Arlington, speed, $141; David M. Borer, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Faisal F. Alharbi, 22 Quay St., Tiffin, speed, $123.

• Kevin L. Davenport, Berea, speed, $129; April R. Coppus, Findlay, speed, $225; Aaron M. Koch, Columbus Grove, speed, $159; Hannah E. North, Findlay, speed, $279; Craig J. Miller, 917 N. Main St., Fostoria, speed, $135; David A. Miller, Green Springs, speed, $162; Alexia A. Arnett, Findlay, left of center violation, $140; Bryan K. Batey, Fostoria, failure to yield right of way, $140; Jennifer J. Klegman, 278 Wentz St., Tiffin, failure to control/weaving, $140; Emily R. Kramb, 526 N. Main St., Fostoria, stop sign violation, $140.

• James D. Meacham, Sycamore, speed, $177; George J. Shank II, 322 Star Ave., Fostoria, speed, $231; Faud A. Althobaiti, Findlay, registration violation, $185; Chen Yuhu, Chino Hills, California, driver seat belt violation, $85; Steven Scherger, 310 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, failure to control, $140; Michael L. Butler, Willard, failure to control, $140; Peggy L. Schetter, Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85.