Daily log, June 26

Tiffin reports

Michael D. Ball, 42, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Tuesday night.

Paul A. Collins, 53, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct early Wednesday morning. A 300-block East Market Street man had reported an intoxicated man was attempting to get into his door.

A 200-block Gibson Street caller reported Wednesday morning a mailbox and toter were damaged overnight.

A woman went to the station Wednesday morning to report she located her stolen jewelry at a pawn shop.

A man requested to speak to an officer Wednesday afternoon about an altercation that occurred on Washington Street between his son and a teacher.

County reports

Joan R. Alfrey, 61, of Michigan, was charged with disorderly conduct Monday.

A 2000-block North SR 101 man reported Tuesday afternoon he contracted with a roofing company last year and the company had not yet made repairs.

A 500-block East SR 18 man reported Wednesday afternoon rings had been stolen from his residence.

Fostoria reports

Tawny M. Phillips, 52, of Fostoria, was charged with disorderly conduct Sunday.

Bryon K. Murphy, 46, of Fostoria, was charged with disorderly conduct Sunday.

Frederick L. Goins, 43, of Fostoria, was charged with disorderly conduct Monday.

Numerous items were found to have been illegally dumped Tuesday afternoon at Meadowlark Park, 1225 S. Union St.

A 900-block South Poplar Street man reported Tuesday evening his house was broken into and a game console was taken.

A man reported early Wednesday morning he located a 3-year-old at Fostoria Townhouses, 1200 Peeler Drive. The child was able to point out his apartment and the child’s mother was found passed out inside. The officer was to forward the information to children’s services.

A caller reported Wednesday morning an intoxicated man was walking in front of traffic in the area of South Union and West South streets. The man was given a ride to a North Poplar Street residence.

State Patrol

Jim A. Bowman, 53, of Fostoria, was cited with operating a vehicle while intoxicated Sunday.

Matthew A. Bernal, 23, of Fostoria, was cited with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and a turn signal violation early Tuesday morning.


Bloomville fire and EMS were called to US 224 near CR 49 Tuesday afternoon for a vehicle fire.


Tiffin EMS had one squad run Tuesday evening and two squad runs Wednesday morning.

Green Springs fire and EMS had a squad run early Wednesday morning.

Green Springs fire, Republic EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Wednesday morning.

Seneca County

Probate Court

Marriage license applications

Douglas Weldon Long and Robin Ann Lash, Fostoria.

Jacob Allen Kline, Tiffin, and Jessica Lynn Livesay, Fostoria.

Corey Alex Fillipovich and Andrea Marie Wensowitch, Tiffin.

Jacob Anthony Gonzales and Amanda Rose Reinhart, New Riegel.

Tiffin Fostoria

Municipal Court


Robert E. McCutcheon, Cleveland, open container violation, $265; Thomas L. Trumpy, Findlay, seat belt violation, $110; Thomas W. Molyet, 301 1/2 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria, speed, $140; Nichole R. Harman, Fostoria, assured clear distance violation, $180; Brittany L. Bittigar, 233 Jefferson St., Apt. 2, Tiffin, failure to control/weaving, $130; Gary I. Lynch II, Galion, speed, $125; Austin L. Robbins, 654 Maple St., Fostoria, stop sign violation, $130; Jonathan W. Stover, Tiffin, speed, $143; Timothy S. Dixon, Lakeland, Florida, speed, $125; Ronnie M. Sterling, Wayne, speed, $122.

Gavin L. Robison, 280 1/2 S. Sandusky St., Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Linda J. Vandeneynde, Findlay, failure to yield right of way, $133; Chloe M. Seislove, 120 Fulton St., Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Raymond L. Reese, Bellevue, speed, $119; David E. Sours, Tiffin, speed, $122; Donald R. Ward, Monroeville, speed, $176; Dollie E. Sterling, Findlay, speed, $131; Justin O. Watson, North Baltimore, speed, $118; Susan K. Segrist, 149 Lindsey Ave., Tiffin, speed, $119; Tyler S. Hicks, 212 Walker St., Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75.

Timothy A. Cornett, Bloomville, seat belt violation, $75; Kraig E. Gildenmeister, Bellevue, failure to yield right of way, $130; Brandon E. Slone, Willard, seat belt violation, $75; Joseph W. Schneider, 411 Harley St., Tiffin, turn signal violation, $130; Shane W. Powell, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Justin K. Yarbrough, 210 Grape St., Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Robert W. Lyman, 46 Braden Court, Tiffin, stop sign violation, $130; Dora P. Stiger, Old Fort, start/back violation, $130; Harry J. Bloomberg, Republic, speed, $125; Timothy D. Swartz, 651 S. Sandusky St., Tiffin, speed, $122.

Robert L. Cavey, 312 College Ave., Fostoria, impound and dispose, $115; Taylor A. Brown, North Royalton, speed, $135; Shane R. Cok, Willard, speed, $110; Rick E. Breidenbach, Tiffin, speed, $131; Stephen D. Allbaugh, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Michelle A. Noftz, Clyde, speed, $119; David M. Torres, Bellevue, speed, $116; Anthony J. Halbeisen, Green Springs, speed, $131; Kelli M. Echelberry, 225 Mohawk St., A6, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130 Samih H. Aljamal, Toledo, speed, $137.

Chris A. Massery, Fremont, seat belt violation, $75; Lauren R. Reeves, Norwalk, speed, $125; Nancy A. Snajdar, 8 Lincoln Road, Tiffin, speed, $152; Jeffrey T. Foster, Ashland, turn signal violation, $133; Ty J. Humbert, Republic, safety belt violation, $70; Andrew J. Lovins, 310 E. Market St., Tiffin, speed, $137; Madison R. Kauffman, Willard, speed, $140; Richard J. Haar, 115 1/2 W. Center St., Apt. B, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Patricia A. Johnson, 12400 W. Axline, Lot 61, Fostoria, speed, $116; Richard H. Wolfe, 1405 Fairway Drive, Fostoria, speed, $122.