Daily log, June 23

Tiffin reports

Shannon L. Tiell, 37, of Fostoria, was charged with assault early Sunday morning.

Joshua Cook, 25, of Arcadia, was charged with assault early Saturday morning.

Kelsie L. Colburn, 35, of Findlay, was charged with disorderly conduct early Sunday morning.

Terry L. Ellis, 36, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct early Sunday morning.

A 100-block West Market Street woman reported early Sunday morning she returned home and discovered someone had slashed the screen to her window.

An officer found a crack pipe in a purse found in the 100 block of South Washington Street early Sunday morning.

A person in the 100 block of First Avenue reported Sunday morning a man was using a hammer to smash mailboxes.

A first-block West Perry Street woman reported Sunday afternoon someone tried to break into her house. The woman discovered the door was open; the door was locked but not completely shut.

County reports

A 2000-block North SR 101 woman reported Saturday night she returned home and found a baseball bat on her porch and broken glass.

A 2000-block South SR 53 woman reported Sunday morning her boyfriend grabbed her and shoved her.

Fostoria reports

A person reported Saturday afternoon a building at East Crocker and South Poplar streets had caved in.

A man went to the station Saturday evening and reported he was assaulted in the 200 block of Findlay Street.

Tiffin accidents

Susan J. Arnett, 61, of Tiffin, was cited with improper lane change after an accident on West Market Street Saturday afternoon.

A non-injury accident was reported at South Sandusky and Clay streets Sunday afternoon.

County accidents

An accident was reported at North SR 101 and North TR 169 Saturday night.

An accident was reported on North SR 53 Sunday morning.

Fostoria accidents

Nathan A. Bean, 20, of Fostoria, was cited with failure to yield left turn after an accident at North Countyline and West Culbertson streets Friday morning. The other driver, Thomas L. Devore, 67, of Fostoria, was transported by Fostoria Fire Division.

A non-injury accident was reported at South Poplar and East Lytle streets Saturday afternoon.


Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had one squad run early Saturday morning, two squad runs Saturday morning, one squad run early Sunday morning and five squad runs Sunday morning. Clinton fire assisted twice Sunday morning.

Bloomville EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Saturday evening.

Attica EMS and Attica-Venice-Reed fire had one squad run Saturday evening and one squad run early Sunday morning.

Bascom EMS and fire had a squad run Saturday evening.

New Riegel EMS and NBS fire had a squad run Saturday night.

Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit responded to an accident on South CR 591 Sunday afternoon. A person was taken to Mercy Tiffin Hospital.


Municipal Court


Richard E. Osborne, Columbus, tag/sticker violation, $130; Matthew A. Studer, Akron, speed, $125; Brett R. Carroll, Green Springs, start/back violation, $130; Kyle W. Clady, Sycamore, stop sign violation, $130; Kelsey M. LeFebvre, Maumee, speed, $152; Andrea S. Ash, Marion, speed, $119; Michael D. Gibson, Delaware, speed, $131.

Joel D. Sterrett, Bucyrus, speed, $125; John A. Murphy, Powell, speed, $125; Rachel M. Pennington, McCutchenvillle, assured clear distance, $130; Barney A. Warwick, Tiffin, insecure load violation, $130; Brian F. Kreais, 638 James Marie Court, Fostoria, speed, $158; Jeffrey C. Arnold, 483 Monroe, Fostoria, $265; Thomas J. Smith, 387 W. Market St., dog at large, $105; Nicole M. Hoffbauer, Fostoria, speed, $125; Natisha R. Dotson, 22 Noble St., Tiffin, assured clear distance, $130; Sunday A. Shaw, North Baltimore, speed, $119.

John R. Hescshke, 331 N. Union St., Fostoria, speed, $113; Erica R. Barnett, 341 E. Market St., Apt. A, Tiffin, speed, $125; Megan A. Conrad, Risingsun, failure to control, $130; Daniel R. Gurney, Tiffin, speed, $125; Daniel L. Gahler, Graytown, speed, $122; Megan E. Larimer, Clyde, speed, $113; Wade S. Guelde, Findlay, assured clear distance, $133; Sara Y. Moore, 1521 N. Countyline, Lot 107, Fostoria, speed, $131; Lisa M. Bakies, Carey, speed, $125; Edward H. Haynsworth Jr., Columbia, South Carolina, speed, $122.

Logan D. Fitch, Bexley, speed, $134; Marie C. Sparks, Hilliard, speed, $122; Courtney M. Aryee, 227 E. Center St., Apt. C, Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $265; Carol J. Shook, 163 Wall St., Tiffin, failure to confine dog, $105; Shawna Mathias Reis, 1397 N. Union St., Fostoria, speed, $122; Brice T. McKelvey, 10661 Crestview Drive, Tiffin, speed, $170; Debra L. Schultz, Tiffin, tag/sticker violation, $133; Justin M. Klee, Marion, seat belt violation, $75; Ali Hassan T. Alattas, Ada, speed, $143; Daniel S. Gilbert, 178 Gross St., Tiffin, registration violation, $130.

Anita K. Boyd, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Richard L. Vance II, 1790 Eagleville, Fostoria, speed, $119; Daniel N. Keller, Arcadia, failure to yield right of way, $130; Debra C. Stoddard, Columbus Grove, speed, $119; Charlene F. Wireman, 314 N. Union St., Fostoria, speed, $125; Rhonda M. McDivitt, 436 McDougal St., Fostoria, speed, $125; Patricia D. Stevens, 553 E. Market St., Tiffin, speed, $119; Kevin R. Babcock, Wakeman, speed, $110; Randal R. Focht, Tiffin, speed, $113; Leona J. Carlin, Tiffin, traffic lanes violation, $130.

Charles F. Gaietto, Tiffin, speed, $128; Michael E. Nye, 800 Woodward Ave., Lot 2, Fostoria, speed, $122; Troy T. Myers, 461 W. Lytle St., Lot 230, Fostoria, speed, $119.

Catherine Kepp, 435 W. Jackson St., Fostoria, assured clear distance violation, $130; Sandra L. Shook, Bloomville, speed, $113; Lester F. Detrich, 1184 Stearns Road, Fostoria, speed, $122; Jennifer A. Rohe, Tiffin, equipment regulation violation, $130; Steven A. Rau, 7 Duchess Court, Tiffin, speed, $131; Tina M. Hill, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, speed, $122; Renee E. Dillow, 461 W. Lytle St., Lot 161, Fostoria, speed, $122; Benjamin S. Collar, Upper Arlington, disorderly conduct, $230; Ashley D. Baumer, 207 Culbertson St., Fostoria, speed, $155; Thomas L. Joseph, Bellevue, speed, $122.

Kevin W. Limpert, Marblehead, registration violation, $130; Barth R. King, 118 Walker St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Roberto M. Guzman, 507 E. Jackson St., Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Tammy S. Jones, 604 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria, passenger seat belt violation, $70; Shirley K. Shanahan, Fremont, speed, $118; Larue B. Oswald, Millersburg, improper/prohibitive turn, $130; Philip W. Cho, Anchorage, Alaska, speed, $140; Scott J. Werling, Alvada, seat belt violation, $75; Lisa M. Holman, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Elton L. Reneau, Findlay, speed, $122.

Ryan L. Grubb, Medina, speed, $119; Nicole K. Gottschick, North Royalton, speed, $119; Edward M. Foos, Bellevue, speed, $125; Erin D. Michaels, Fremont, speed, $168; Jared J. Henderson, Nashport, speed, $143; Andrew F. Althaus, 146 N. Tecumseh Trail, Tiffin, headlight violation, $130; Robert D. Robinson, 145 W. Davis St., Tiffin, registration violation, $130; Dale A. Workman, Providence, North Carolina, speed, $119; Shaniqua L. Davis, Euclid, speed, $119; Jacob K. Serviss, Republic, failure to yield right of way, $130, seat belt violation, $30.

Renee M. Bernal, Bloomville, failure to yield right of way, $130; Mindy L. Goodin, 1290 Perrysburg Road, Lot 50, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Candice R. Snyder, 149 Third Ave., Tiffin, speed, $122; John C. Kimble, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Glenna G. Collins, Bloomville, disorderly conduct, $230; Raymond H. Coger III, Findlay, disorderly conduct, $230; Lauren E. Smith, Columbus, speed, $163; Ralphiel T. Hughley, Columbus, speed, $168; Katina M. Uballe, 1521 N. Countyline St., Fostoria, speed, $160; Jared D. Downs, Attica, speed, $143.