Daily log, May 31

Tiffin reports

A theft of a phone was reported Thursday afternoon in the 200 block of East Perry Street.

A woman went to the station Thursday afternoon to report her daughter had been punched at East Market and South Monroe streets.

A 100-bock Third Avenue woman reported Friday morning kids threw rocks at her shed, breaking two windows.

County report

A 100-block West Adams Street woman reported Thursday night someone stuffed hair inside her vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

Fostoria reports

Michael J. Wesney, 28, of Fostoria, was charged with possession of marijuana for an incident May 18.

A caller reported Thursday night people were following them and trying to run them off the roadway at West Tiffin and South Adams streets. A squad was sent to the scene and an investigation is pending.

A 1200-block Beier Drive caller reported Thursday evening a juvenile assaulted another juvenile.

An employee of Columbia Gas reported Friday morning between 1,000 and 1,500 feet of pipe was stolen from the 300 block of Perry Street a week earlier. The pipe was to be used for a job on North Countyline Street.

A 1200-block Peeler Drive woman reported Friday morning someone kicked in her back door.

A 1500-block North Countyline Street man reported Friday afternoon someone broke into his vehicle and stole a stereo.

Tiffin accident

A person was cited with failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead following an injury accident Thursday evening in the 700 block of West Market Street. A person also was given a citation for a seatbelt violation.

State Patrol

An accident involving a Fostoria police cruiser was reported Thursday night at West Tiffin and South Countyline streets. Further details were unavailable Friday night, a patrol spokesman said.


Tiffin firefighters were called to 781 Greenfield St. Thursday afternoon for an unintentional smoke detector activation.


Tiffin EMS had one squad run Thursday afternoon and two squad runs Thursday evening.

Bloomville fire and EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Thursday evening.

AVR fire and Attica EMS were called out Thursday evening for a lift assist.

Green Springs fire and EMS had a squad run early Friday morning.

AVR fire and Attica EMS had a squad run early Friday morning.

Green Springs fire had a squad run Friday afternoon.

Bettsville fire and EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Friday afternoon.