Daily log, May 25

Tiffin reports

Michael Martin, 27, of Tiffin, was charged May 22 with drugs and menacing.

Andrew Smither, 32, of Cincinnati, and Darak Johnson of Huntsville, Alabama, were both charged Friday evening with door-to-door sales.

A caller in the 200 block of South Washington Street reported Friday afternoon a juvenile was shoplifting.

Jennifer Fox, 63, of Tiffin, was charged early Saturday morning with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Tiffin accident

A driver was cited Friday evening with JTO and failure to yield while turning left after an accident at North Washington Street and North Sandusky.

County report

A woman reported Saturday afternoon that while doing a home visit in the 8000 block of West CR 6, she located marijuana.

Fostoria reports

A caller in the 900 block of South Poplar reported Friday evening being harassed by neighbors.

A 200-block McDougal woman reported Friday night someone was making inappropriate comments to her daughter.

A caller reported early Saturday morning a woman was going to the reservoir to smoke illegal substances and have sex with people in a vehicle. Police were unable to locate anyone, according to the report.

An incident possibly involving a falsified ID was under investigation Saturday afternoon after a traffic stop in the 100 block of High Street.


Bloomville EMS and fire and the Echo 1 unit made a squad run Friday evening.

McCutchenville EMS, New Riegel fire and the Echo 1 unit were called out on a squad run Friday evening.

Kansas fire and Fostoria EMS made a squad run Friday evening.

Bascom fire and New Riegel EMS made a squad run Friday night.

Clinton fire and Tiffin EMS made a squad run early Saturday morning.

Tiffin Fostoria

Municipal Court


Troy A. Witt Jr., 214 Second Ave., Tiffin, open container violation, $230; Richard B. Murray, Mogadore, failure to yield right of way, $130; Danielle R. Geroski, Portage, speed, $122; Robenson Rameau, 283 1/2 S. Washington St., Tiffin, speed, $128; Douglas A. Kuhn, Tiffin, stop sign violation, $183; Robert A. Giesige, Mansfield, failure to control, $130; Levi J. Dickman, 263 Jefferson St., Tiffin, railroad crossing violation, $130; Ray Sifferlin, Mansfield, speed, $113; Connie K. Funkhouser, Sycamore, traffic control light violation, $130; Lydia M. Ruiz, Findlay, speed, $116.

Heather J. Baumer, 133 Gail Lane, Tiffin, registration violation, $130; Joan C. Corriveau, 843 N. Water St., Apt. 311, Tiffin, speed, $125; Christopher S. Dariano, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Judith K. Goshe, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Amanda Perry, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Lawrence D. Moore Jr., Bellevue, failure to yield right of way, $130; Heather A. Bickley, Columbus, speed, $119; Walter H. Miller Jr., Waterford, Mich., one-way traffic violation, $130; Rebecca D. Case, Clyde, failure to yield/driveway, $130; Ahmed A. Al Alhareth, 293 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, loud music violation, $230.

Keianda M. Jones, Toledo, passing emergency vehicle violation, $185; Laura J. Mattimoe, Oak Harbor, speed, $119; Lisa A. Santos, Tiffin, speed, $119; Cecilia L. Hess, Tiffin, traffic lanes violation, $130; Ali Ahmed M. Binali, 54 Clay St., Apt. B, Tiffin, speed, $236; Katherine L. Klepper, 333 Sycamore St., Tiffin, speed, $164; David Folkens, Vermilion, failure to control/weaving, $130; Antonio Monaco, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Adam R. Pauley, 55 Noble St., Tiffin, speed, $125, seat belt violation, $30; Nancy L. Eisenhard, 151 Dallas St., A, Tiffin, failure to control/weaving, $130.

Claudia E. Rodriguez, Fostoria, traffic control light violation, $130; Yaseen A. Alsayed, 1410 W. Seneca Ave., Tiffin, speed, $134; Dillon M. Klein, Delphos, disorderly conduct, $230; Mark Potts, Dublin, speed, $148; Monica M. Miller, Risingsun, stop sign violation, $133; Richard A. McLaughlin, Oak Harbor, failure to control, $130; William C. Overcash, Brinkley, Ark., speed, $131; Clarence R. Lawson Jr., Massillon, failure to yield stop sign, $130; Sandra S. Miller, Norwalk, speed, $137; Howard A. Litton, 1230 Perrysburg Road, Apt. R, Fostoria, passing emergency vehicle violation, $150.