Daily log, Feb. 28

Tiffin reports

* Anthony M. Klepper, 22, of Tiffin, was cited with operating a vehicle while intoxicated Wednesday night. A caller reported a man was slumped over his steering wheel at the intersection of Frost Parkway and West Market Street.

* A pop machine in the 2400 block of West Market Street was reported broken into Thursday morning.

County reports

* A theft was reported Wednesday evening in the 200 block of West High Street.

* A person reported Wednesday night a firearm was stolen from a building in the 8000 block of North TR 105.

* A 12000-block West CR 58 man reported early Thursday morning his truck was stolen from his residence while he was in Cleveland.

* A woman went to the station Thursday afternoon to report the theft of her debit card. She said money had been taken out of her account.

Fostoria reports

* A 1200-block Van Buren Street man reported Wednesday evening two people kept driving around the area. According to the report, people were warned for criminal trespassing.

* An assault was reported Thursday morning at Fostoria High School, 1001 Park Ave.


* Tiffin EMS had two squad runs Wednesday afternoon, two squad runs Wednesday night and one squad run early Thursday morning. An ambulance also was needed once early Thursday morning.

* Green Springs fire had a squad run Wednesday night.

* Bloomville fire and EMS had a squad run early Thursday morning.