Daily log, Nov. 24

Tiffin reports

Gerald Sams, 22, of Tiffin, was charged Thursday with receiving stolen property and theft.

Corbin Fedlander, 18, of Tiffin, was charged Thursday with receiving stolen property and complicity.

Richard Blanchard, 51, of Tiffin, was charged Friday with littering.

A person was at the station Friday afternoon to report unauthorized charges.

A phone scam was reported Friday afternoon in the first block of Northwood Drive.

A person was at the station Friday evening to report being threatened.

A 100-block First Avenue man reported Friday night someone tampered with his tires.

A caller reported Friday night two men were carrying cement blocks in the first block of South Sandusky. According to the report, the caller believed the blocks might have been from a construction site at Tiffin University.

A first-block Madison Street caller reported Friday night someone sprayed a fire extinguisher in an apartment complex.

A 400-block Wentz Street caller reported early Saturday morning she scared a man out of her car, and he took off down the street. According to the report, nothing was missing from the vehicle.

A first-block Virginia Avenue caller reported Saturday morning her computer was hacked.

A 100-block Wentz Street caller reported Saturday afternoon a vehicle had been entered.

County reports

A burglary was reported Friday afternoon in the first block of East High Street.

A person was at the station Friday evening to report harassment.

The smell of marijuana was reported Friday evening in the 500 block of East SR 18.

A caller in the first block of West Tiffin Street reported early Saturday morning a windshield had been broken.

A caller reported Saturday morning a large piece of farm machinery pulled down cable lines at Jefferson Street and N. Madison Street.

Tiffin accidents

A 16-year-old Tiffin driver was cited with assured clear distance ahead after an accident Friday afternoon at Miami St. and Elmer St.

An accident occurred Friday afternoon at E. Perry St. and S. Washington St. A driver was cited for improper lane change.

County accidents

An accident was reported Friday evening at West SR 18 and West CR 26.

A car was reported in the ditch Friday evening at East TR 164 and North SR 19. According to the report, the driver swerved to miss a deer.

State Patrol

An accident was reported Friday evening on CR 35. According the report, a car struck a pole, and the Echo 1 unit, Attica EMS and AVR fire responded to the scene. Additional details were not available Saturday evening.


The Echo 1 unit and Republic EMS and fire made a squad run Friday afternoon.

Green Springs EMS made a squad run Friday night.

Republic EMS and fire and the Echo 1 unit were called out on a squad run Saturday morning.


Republic fire responded to a report of down lines Saturday morning.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Jacquelyn A. Panuto, 300 Hedges St., failure to confine dog, $107; Shailee G. Bentz, Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $230; Cheryl M. Bentz, Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $230; Amy L. Craig, Columbus, no operator’s license, $121; Robert J. Armstrong, Green Springs, assured clear distance, $117; Bernadine Pugh, Plymouth, speed, $127; Richard D. Cheek, Republic, speed, $140; Samantha L. North, 21 McCollum St., failure to control/weaving, $115; Mindy L. Risner, 562 Circular St., failure to yield right of way, $115; Ashley N. Bell, Tiffin, speed, $119.

Taylor L. Jett, Clyde, seat belt violation, $75; Kurt S. Lease, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $115; Danee M. Currie, Findlay, speed, $119; Cinzia L. Cross, 348 Melmore St., failure to yield right of way, $115; James C. Kenosh, Highland Hts., speed, $140; Sarah E. Wott, Bellevue, speed, $137; Randall C. Wurts, 195 Siesta Drive, Apt. W, speed, $113; Sarah E. Seery, Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $230; Bradley J. Hill, 213 1/2 E. Market St., Rear, passenger violation, $115; Nicole M. Devito, Newark, N.Y., failure to turn violation, $117.

Corey B. Showman, Fostoria, speed, $113; Margaret L. Pauling, Fremont, speed, $119; Joshua R. Gahimer, Bellevue, failure to control, $115; Kenneth E. McFarland, Shelby, speed, $119; Brian K. Falter, Tiffin, speed, $120; Michael D. Coon, Pemberville, start/back violation, $150; Vickie L. Bluhm, Castalia, speed, $128; Elizabeth R. Petrie, Attica, speed, $119; Constance J. Hoschar, Fostoria, speed, $122; Megan L. Homan, Bloomville, speed, $119.

Robert R. Lehman, Vermilion, speed, $134; Megan P. Depinet, 85 Westwood Drive, seat belt violation, $75; Danny E. Reed, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $115; Benjamin P. Stephens, Pemberville, seat belt violation, $75; Amy L. Moreno, Elmore, speed, $119; Michael A. Cole, Republic, traffic control light violation, $115; Joshua A. Rose, Bellevue, speed, $119; Kaleb D. Ward, 248 Wentz St., assured clear distance, $115; David D. George, Clyde, speed, $133; Jodie L. Fraley, Findlay, seat belt violation, $79.

Tim S. Mowry, Crestline, speed, $119; Jessica L. Lewis, Reynoldsburg, registration violation, $117; Tyler S. Sams, Huron, turn signal violation, $115; Loren E. Willey, II, Fostoria, failure to control, $115; Donald E. Neff, Chillicothe, speed, $122; Timothy D. Arel, Wapakoneta, speed, $113; Charlie S. Auble, Bloomville, speed, $128; Aleta K. Lykins, Republic, failure to yield right of way, $115; Kim S. Glavich, Ottawa, failure to control, $115; Katherine S. Corthell, Tiffin, registration violation, $115.

Stephenson E. Brown, Sandusky, speed, $119; Cynthia A. Carter, 120 Vine St., seat belt violation, $79; Bruce Covert, Tiffin, two dog at large violations, $105, $25; Georgi D. Ashikov, Des Plaines, Ill., speed, $140; Markus A. Gossard, Findlay, speed, $172; James M. Sampson Jr, Attica, seat belt violation, $79; Ashley A. Kaiser, New Riegel, speed, $125; Jessica L. Salisbury, Fostoria, speed, $152; Robert F. Gossman, Galloway, speed, $60; Jaime L. Oldham, Findlay, speed, $122.

Carlo L. Garofalo Jr, Bellevue, speed, $113; Paul A. Krause, Bellville, speed, $113; Elizabeth A. Schank, Republic, speed, $122; Tammy S. Kisner, Huron, speed, $115; Max M. Meyer, Spencerville, speed, $120; Arthur C. Bruehler Jr, Nova, speed, $137, seat belt violation, $30; John C. Gorski, Put-in-Bay, speed, $113; Mickey J. Hess, North Canton, speed, $116; Michael R. McBeth, Bucyrus, speed, $113; Dave B. Moyer, Bloomville, speed, $113.

Daniel R. Leeth, Sycamore, speed, $146; Wayne W. Richards, Wapakoneta, seat belt violation, $75; Joshua W. Gerschutz, Carey, speed, $131; Tina A. Shook, Attica, speed, $122; Andrew D. Lowe, 359 Ninth Ave., Lot 11, failure to control, $115; Emily A. Wilson, Sandusky, speed, $134; Edward O. Lee Jr, Conoven, N.C., speed, $115; Jennifer C. Knight, Columbus, speed, $128; Matthew L. Clay, Tiffin, speed, $119.

Ahmed Abdullah Al Alhareth, 293 N. Sandusky St., disorderly conduct, $230; Jerry K. Fitzpatrick, Sycamore, speed, $122; Brittany R. Nye, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Timothy S. Smith, Carey, speed, $170; Charles W. Lear Jr., Carey, seat belt violation, $75; Martha K. Marshall, Vermilion, speed, $122; George S. Michel, Bellevue, seat belt violation, $75; Kyle A. Davis, Green Springs, speed, $119; Robert P. Lumm Jr., Toledo, speed, $125; Neil F. Smith, Findlay, speed, $125.

Zachary M. Bowman, Hilliard, speed, $125; Nancy S. Traul, Bellefontaine, speed, $119; Richard J. Alge, Norwalk, speed, $128; Joseph C. Anderson, North Fairfield, speed, $119; Rodger D. Schoen, Bellevue, seat belt violation, $75; Brett D. Montague, Monroeville, speed, $119; Joyce L. Wensink Tremmel, Columbus, speed, $116; Samuel H. Petrie, Attica, speed, $125; Sharon A. Novotny, Vermillion, seat belt violation, $75; Melissa D. Long, Ravenna, speed, $185.

Tristam R. Craig, Sandusky, speed, $127; Brittney M. Walter, 25 E. Perry St., failure to control, $115; Adrienne L. Haman, 152 Sycamore St., start/back violation, $115; Misty R. Young, 407 E. Adams St., seat belt violation, $75; Sean M. Peck, 610 S. Madison St., seat belt violation, $75; Gary L. Kiser, Republic, speed, $194; Thomas H. McGuire, Sandusky, speed, $125; Catherine A. Polyak, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Charleen M. Wolfe, Sycamore, speed, $134; Jennifer K. Logan, 91 Sycamore St., failure to confine dog violation, $105.