Daily log, Oct. 14

Tiffin reports

Robert M. Hunt, 47, of Tiffin, was charged with domestic violence early Saturday morning.

Robert A. Birch, 26, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Saturday afternoon.

Stephanie N. Shepherd, 23, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Saturday afternoon.

A 100-block East Market Street woman reported Saturday afternoon her grandson took her debit card.

A first-block East Market Street man went to the station Saturday afternoon to report the mother of his child smacked him in the face with a broom.

A man from GW’s Fine Food & Spirits, 275 S. Washington St., requested to speak with an officer Saturday afternoon about other people putting their trash in his hopper.

Sean T. Jackson, 46, of Tiffin, was charged with endangering children, improper turn/turn signal usage and operating a vehicle while intoxicated Saturday night.

Troy S. Carter, 45, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct early Sunday morning.

Austin J. Fleming, 20, of Tiffin, was charged with underage possession/consumption early Sunday morning.

Andrea S. Lincoln, 20, of Marietta, was charged with underage possession/con-sumption early Sunday morning.

Richard C. True, 33, of Tiffin, was charged with improper turn/turn signal usage and operating a vehicle while intoxicated early Sunday morning.

A person reported early Sunday morning a couple was having sex in an alley. A sergeant located people matching the suspects’ descriptions walking at Ann and Main streets.

A first-block Virginia Avenue man reported Sunday morning unauthorized charges on his credit card.

James R. Kelley, 25, of Tiffin, was charged with driving under suspension Sunday afternoon.

A person reported Sunday afternoon people were fighting in the first block of Hudson Street.

County reports

A person reported Sunday morning mailboxes were vandalized near a location in the 3000 block of East CR 50.

A person reported Sunday morning a mailbox in the 3000 block of East CR 50 was damaged.

Fostoria reports

A person at Park and Central avenues reported Friday afternoon two children were fighting.

A 1000-block Fairway Lane man reported a scam Friday afternoon.

Law enforcement investigated a drug possession situation in the 500 block of East Lytle Street Friday afternoon.

A man reported Friday evening a house he owns in the 200 block of College Avenue was broken into, and several items were stolen. It was under investigation.

An 800-block South Wood Street woman reported Friday evening she was assaulted by her boyfriend. She advised a man assaulted her, took her debit card and held her until she gave him the personal identification number.

A 600-block James Marie Court resident went to the station Friday night and requested to speak with an officer about the theft of a firearm.

A stolen vehicle was recovered Saturday afternoon in the 100 block of Barcelona Drive. It is to be processed by Bureau of Criminal Investigation. It had damage to the front end and the right wheel cover.

An employee of Kroger, 126 W. High St., reported Saturday evening two women had stolen items from the store and ran outside to their vehicle. Two people were arrested.

A 300-block West High Street woman reported Saturday night someone broke out her window. An investigation was pending.

A 300-block Liberty Street man reported Saturday night someone broke through his son’s bedroom window.

A person reported Saturday night a man was said to be bleeding from the head. A person was taken to ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital by ambulance. People were unsure what happened.

A theft from Dollar General, 166 E. Lytle St., was reported Sunday afternoon.

Tiffin accident

Brianna E. Stagnolia, 19, of Tiffin, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after an accident on South Washington Street Friday afternoon.

State Patrol


James A. Fitch, 62, of Tiffin, was cited with failure to yield the right of way after an accident on TR 1092 Saturday afternoon.

Fostoria accident

A citation was issued after an accident on East Sixth Street early Saturday morning.


McCutchenville fire and New Riegel EMS responded to a combine fire on West TR 92 Saturday evening.

Tiffin firefighters responded to a gas leak at 1550 W. Market St. Saturday evening.


Green Springs EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Sunday afternoon.

Republic EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Sunday afternoon.

Tiffin EMS had one squad run Saturday afternoon, two squad runs Saturday evening and one squad run early Sunday morning. Clinton fire assisted Saturday evening.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Mathew D. Newcome, Reading, Pa., speed, $137; Marlene M. Lopez, Green Springs, failure to yield right of way, $117; James T. Bailey, Kent, speed, $119; Douglas M. Conn, Avon, speed, $164; John C. Coppus, 170 E. VanMeter St., speed, $110; Joshua R. Menter, Oregon, seat belt violation, $75; Joshua N. Williams, Walbridge, speed, $137; Jessie R. Elsass, Lima, speed, $122; Karl N. Keiffer, Fostoria, assured clear distance, $117; Barbara L. Staib, McCutchenville, failure to yield right of way, $115.

Jeffrey D. Christman, Bucyrus, speed, $125; Kiel R. Chamberlin, Mesa, Ariz., speed, $134; Monica M. Bruaw, Lakewood, speed, $134; William N. Wagner, III, Green Springs, speed, $122; Michael S. Goodwin, Bellevue, seat belt violation, $70; Jack E. Marshall, Marion, speed, $128; Charles A. Schultz, Galion, speed, $128; Brandon S. Moore, 632 E. Market St., seat belt violation, $81; Rachel A. Montoney, Willard, seat belt violation, $77; Dawn M. Groves, Attica, speed, $169.

Crystal Wagner, Bucyrus, speed, $113; Mikaela L. Mitsch, McHenry, Ill, speed, $122; Shelley I. Hoffman, Clyde, speed, $119; Brigitte M. Ankrom, Tiffin, speed, $113; Kenje S. Alberty, North Robinson, speed, $122; John M. Ellis, Willard, speed, $113; Loretta M. Looman, 183 Charlotte St., traffic lanes violation, $115; Kevin M. Buchman, Dublin, speed, $113; Chelsea M. Jones, 616 E. Market St., no child restraint violation, $117; Fredrick D. Baker, Clyde, speed, $116.

Jeffrey F. Bringardner, Upper Arlington, speed, $119; R. Douglas Swisher, Mentor, passing vehicle violation, $115; Dawn R. Bodak, 399 W. Perry St., failure to yield right of way, $115, tag/sticker violation, $35.

Daniel J. Hoerig, Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $230; Marcy H. Maggs, Dublin, speed, $122; Guadalupe Velasco, Willard, failure to control, $115, seat belt violation, $30; Christopher P. Clyde, Bloomville, speed, $125; Shase A. Breaux, 304 W. Perry St., seat belt violation, $75; Mary Ann Parente, 27 Lindsay Ave., driving on closed highway, $115; Fred W. Wooldridge Jr., Brownsville, speed, $133; Dylan J. Krause, Norwalk, speed, $116; Joseph G. Fastrick Jr., Powell, speed, $125; Mindy S. Watkins, Laurelville, speed, $116.

Marlene R. Eymann, Columbus, speed, $119; Nathan D. Potts, Clyde, speed, $113; Robert P. Patten, Pataskala, seat belt violation, $75; Randall L. Wurm, Attica, no child restraint violation, $115; Nicholas C. York, Avon Lake, speed, $128; Deborah K. Shelley, Willard, speed, $113; Tadd A. Dieringer, Franklin, speed, $119; Doris J. Jones, North Canton, speed, $128; Linda Singer, Cuyahoga Falls, speed, $113; Ronald A. Jones, Willard, speed, $116.

Daniel Vera, 548 Hedges St., speed, $116; Jenny S. Schafer, Wakeman, seat belt violation, $75; Andrea L. Martinez, Greensburg, Pa., speed, $113; Danny C. Meckes Jr., McComb, speed, $128; Diann L. Graham, 1700 S. Duchess Lane, Lot 8, traffic control light violation, $115; Gary F. Meyers, Republic, speed, $128; Matthew A. Legrant, 38 Apple St., open container violation, $230; Timothy R. Lynch II, Tiffin, speed, $125; Bradley J. Hill, Tiffin, registration violation, $115; Mahmood E. Khoder, Columbus, speed, $121.

Sean D. Varga, North Ridgeville, speed, $161; Joseph L. Reino, 82 N. Tecumseh Trail, speed, $110; Zachary B. Stumpf, Fostoria, speed, $146; Robert J. Lear, Vermilion, speed, $115; Trisha K. Drossman, Perrysburg, speed, $118; Gregory K. Durst, Kansas, speed, $119; Brian J. Ringle, Tiffin, speed, $116; James M. Deats Jr., 120 E. North Trail, speed, $116; Chang W. Kim, Bettsville, failure to yield right of way, $115; Donna J. Myers, Attica, failure to yield right of way, $115.

Roger Nye, New Riegel, failure to yield right of way, $150; S.B. Chick, Findlay, speed, $110; Julia F. Jackson, 20 Orange St., speed, $128; Jason J. Deam, Columbus, speed, $119; Adam T. Barchus, Republic, seat belt violation, $75; Michael W. Brown, Toledo, left of center violation, $115; Dakota J. Martinez, 217 Fourth Ave., failure to yield right of way, $115; Jeremy Alexander, Hazel Crest, Ill., failure to yield right of way, $117; Christine A. Rumper, Bayville, N.H., speed, $128; Dale R. Greenwald, Fostoria, driving on closed highway, $115.