Daily log, Sept. 6

Tiffin reports

A caller from CSX reported Wednesday evening a man was making faces at passing train engineers. Police were unable to locate the man.

Terrell A.M. Fletcher, 21, of Tiffin, was charged with drugs possession/abuse Wednesday evening.

Jeffery W. Jones, 43, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct early Thursday morning.

A person went to the station Thursday morning to report the theft of a bicycle.

A 200-block Jefferson Street woman reported Thursday morning her rent money and food stamp card were stolen sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.

County reports

An 8000-block West SR 18 woman reported Thursday morning a neighbor came to her house to borrow something and when she let him in, he shoved her to the sofa and rubbed himself on her. An adult was arrested, according to the report.

Todd R. Kelser, 57, of Green Springs, was charged with disorderly conduct Thursday.

Fostoria reports

Kevin Keels, 50, of Fostoria, was charged with disorderly conduct Saturday.

A 300-block West Fremont Street man reported Wednesday night his girlfriend was out of control and broke out windows.

A fight was reported Wednesday night in the area of Taft Boulevard and South Main Street.

Jedediah R. Morton, 25, of Fostoria, was charged with assault.

A 100-block South Cadwallader Street man reported Thursday afternoon a bicycle was taken from his backyard.


Fostoria firefighters were called to 25 Christopher Drive Wednesday morning for an unintentional smoke detector activation.

Tiffin firefighters were called to 200 St. Francis Ave. Wednesday afternoon for a smoke detector activation.


McCutchenville fire, New Riegel EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Wednesday evening.

Attica fire and EMS had a squad run Wednesday night.

Tiffin EMS had one squad run Wednesday night and one squad run Thursday morning.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Traci Stark, 166 Noble St., speed, $119; Richard M. Gassman, Alvada, speed, $110; Gary Knowlton, Bloomville, speed, $119; Bryan J. Farina, Naperville, Ill, speed, $131; Robert P. Mora, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Ann Brundage, Evanston, Ill, failure to yield right of way, $115, tag/sticker violation, $35; David K. Trail, Howell, Mich., speed, $119; Jeffrey D. Hohman, Tiffin, speed, $116; David A. Rombach, 15 Arrow Lane, failure to yield right of way, $115; Patricia Cartwright, Tiffin, speed, $119; Michael O’Neill, Clyde, speed, $119.

Theresa Kuhn, Bettsville, speed, $122; Austin J. Davidson, 32 Rebecca St., failure to yield right of way, $115; Willie D. Little, Wayne, Mich., speed, $125; Douglas H. Chapman, Tiffin, speed, $116; Praveen Samla, Dublin, speed, $137; Kathi L. Elmore, 562 Circular St., speed, $134; Allen L. Scherf, Attica, speed, $125; Rita J. Kirian, New Riegel, speed, $116; Scott A. Sprow, Toledo, speed, $122; Randall E. Hoover, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75.

Christopher S. Gibson, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $70; Miguel Padron, Findlay, speed, $120; Jason M. Bess, Findlay, seat belt violation, $75; Bradley T. Opp, 34 McCollum St., seat belt violation, $75; Brian K. Williams, Delaware, speed, $161; Tracy L. Mathewson, Beaverdam, speed, $137; Jeffrey H. Roy, Columbus, speed, $127; Richard G. Bovee, 26 Leitner Ave., failure to yield right of way, $115; Jerry Ickes, North Baltimore, speed, $116; Michael J. Callinan, Toledo, speed, $122.

Jeffrey Lopez, Lorain, speed, $134; Brandon Hoyer, Bettsville, speed, $116; Jeremy A. Haar, Bellevue, speed, $128; Lauren E. Meyer, Clyde, speed, $125; Franklin D. Hammond, Republic, speed, $131; Bruce A. Miller, Delaware, speed, $119; Madison S. Newhorter, 175 E. South Trail, failure to control, $117; Dallas T. Meyer, Republic, speed, $119; George J. Pidgeon, Cape Coral, Fla., speed, $125; Robert Traunero, 1807 Meadowlake Drive, speed, $149.


Cortnie J. Sunderhaus, Pandora, failure to control case dismissed for good cause shown, costs to state.

Pamela Pena, Bellevue, pleaded no contest to no operator’s license, $131; pleaded no contest to left of center, $35; pleaded no contest to seat belt violation, $30.

Tabitha E. Chafins, 147 Dallas St., Unit C, pleaded no contest to speed, two points, $136; pleaded no contest to temporary permit violation, $35.

Thomas L. Nye, 218 Second Ave., pleaded guilty to wrongful entrustment of vehicle, 180 days jail, 178 days suspended, two days credit, vehicle seized is ordered released upon payment of towing and storage, $494.

Beverly J. Daughenbaugh, 218 Second Ave., operating vehicle impaired/under influence case dismissed upon motion of city prosecutor due to plea in companion OMVI case; pleaded no contest to operating vehicle impaired/under influence, 30 days jail, 30 days suspended, six-month license suspension, pay for/complete driver intervention program, approved for restricted driving privileges, vehicle seized is ordered released upon payment of towing and storage, six points, $713; pleaded no contest to improper/prohibitive turn violation, $35.