Daily log, Aug. 29

Tiffin reports

Tabetha M. Matthews, 29, of Tiffin, was charged with criminal mischief for an incident Aug. 18.

Tyler J. Rice, 19, of Bloomville, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia Monday.

Lisa M. Jones, 36, of Tiffin, was charged with drug possession/abuse Monday afternoon.

A caller from Walmart, 2801 W. SR 18, reported Tuesday evening a man stole beer and Legos.

A 200-block Clinton Avenue man reported Tuesday night his power washer was stolen.

Anthony J.M. Ford, 18, of Tiffin, was charged with open container early Wednesday morning.

A first-block Fairview Avenue man reported Wednesday morning his bicycle was stolen overnight.

A first-block Main Street woman reported Wednesday afternoon someone stole a lawnmower from her yard.

A caller from Tiffin Ford, 2020 W. Market St., reported vandalism to a truck Wednesday afternoon.

County reports

Brandon L. Bogner, 29, of Tiffin, was charged with littering for an incident Aug. 17.

A theft was reported Tuesday night in the 300 block of Van Buren Street.

A juvenile was arrested early Wednesday morning after the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Office reported deputies chased a boy from his grandmother’s house to his house. The boy had possibly stolen things from his grandmother and drug paraphernalia was found on him.

An 8000-block North SR 635 caller reported the theft of a cell phone and other items Wednesday morning.

Fostoria reports

A woman reported Tuesday afternoon her son was punched at a bus stop.

A 300-block Starr Avenue caller reported a possible phone scam Wednesday morning.

Tiffin accident

Eileen C. Hamilton, 22, of Green Springs, was cited with failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead following an accident Tuesday afternoon at Miami Street and Nelson streets.


Bascom firefighters were called to Bon Aire Avenue Wednesday morning for a nuisance burn.


Tiffin EMS had two squad runs Tuesday afternoon, one squad run early Wednesday morning and one squad run Wednesday morning.

Attica fire and EMS had a squad run Tuesday night.

Fostoria Municipal Court


Suellen J. Gehring, 629 College Ave., failure to yield right of way, $125; Douglas E. Ranker, Tiffin, speed, $123; Gary D. Cooper, VanWert, speed, $120; Damon W. Copley, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $125; Angelo D. Sisi, Fremont, speed, $123; Paul F. Kirian, 912 N. Cheryl Drive, speed, $111; Nita M. Tiell, 209 W. High St., seat belt violation, $75; Drew T. Mowery, Findlay, speed, $117; Wallace M. Snow, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Raquel D. Bomer, 846 N. Main St., speed, $114.

Russell E. Schroeder, Bradner, assured clear distance, $125; Roberta J. Myers, 1352 Morningside Drive, speed, $150; Daniel N. Burley, 1109 S. Main St., failure to yield, $125; Ryan G. Courtright, Upper Sandusky, assured clear distance, $125; Alex J. Ferguson, 1521 N. Countyline, Lot 148, failure to control, $125; Joseph A. Sexton II, 214 E. South, following too close, $125; Helen M. Carolus, Oak Harbor, speed, $123; Brook A. Piper, 725 Angela Drive, speed, $111; Jamie S. Vazquez, Tiffin, speed, $132, tag/sticker violation, $70.


Bryan S. Swartz, Risingsun, pleaded no contest to criminal damages violation, 60 days jail, 60 days suspended, one-year probation, pay restitution, $349.

Dwayne G. Atkins, Tiffin, preliminary waiver on operating vehicle impaired, bond continued, bound over to Seneca County Common Pleas Court.

Harley J. Davidson, Tiffin, pleaded no contest to speed, two points, $131.