Daily log, Aug. 19

Tiffin reports

Heather E. Hammons, 27, of Toledo, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and open container in a motor vehicle early Saturday morning.

Michael D. Martin, 26, of Lancaster, was charged with disorderly conduct early Saturday morning.

A person reported Saturday evening youths were throwing items out of apartment windows onto Market Street.

Benjamin E. Huffman, 24, of New Riegel, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, improper lane change/marked and driving under suspension early Sunday morning.

A person reported Sunday morning a vehicle in the first block of Virginia Avenue was entered overnight.

A man reported Sunday morning his cell phone was stolen from the first block of Virginia Avenue.

A person reported Sunday morning a vehicle was entered in the first block of First Avenue.

A first-block Orchard Park resident reported Sunday morning the residence was broken into over the weekend.

Fostoria reports

Hancock County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance early Sunday morning with locating a person involved in an accident in Hancock County. The man had fled into a cornfield and possibly was going to his residence in Fostoria. Fostoria Police Department was unable to locate him.

A person reported early Sunday morning a man was down and bleeding from the head in the 1000 block of North Union Street. An ambulance responded. A message was left Sunday evening for a Fostoria Police Department spokesman.

County report

A fight was reported early Sunday morning on the third floor of Hampton Inn, 2492 S. SR 231. Two people were arrested. Tiffin Police Department personnel assisted.

Tiffin accident

A citation of failure to control was issued after a non-injury accident at Dwight Street and Ohio Avenue Sunday afternoon.

County accident

A single-vehicle accident was reported at West SR 12 and North CR 11 Saturday evening. A vehicle was in the ditch.

Fostoria accident

Russell E. Schroeder, 55, of Bradner, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after an accident at Midblock and West Lytle Street Aug. 7.


Fostoria Fire Division was called for a tree on fire at 225 College Ave. Saturday night.


Tiffin EMS had two squad runs Friday afternoon, three squad runs Friday evening, one squad run Friday night, three squad runs early Saturday morning, three squad runs Saturday morning, two squad runs Saturday afternoon, one squad run Saturday evening, three squad runs Saturday night, one squad run early Sunday morning and three squad runs Sunday morning. Clinton fire assisted Saturday evening.

Bascom EMS, Bettsville fire and the Echo unit responded to a single-vehicle accident Saturday evening. There was no transport.

Green Springs EMS and fire had a squad run early Sunday morning and two squad runs Sunday morning. The Echo unit assisted Sunday morning.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Thane D. Boehler, Bettsville, pleaded no contest to speed, two points, $242.

Christina L. Elliott, Fostoria, pleaded no contest to wrongful entrustment of vehicle, $344.

Sarah M. Oswald, Tiffin, pleaded guilty to Financial Responsibility Act suspension, vehicle seized is ordered released upon payment of towing and storage, two points, $592.


John J. Garrison, Columbus, speed, $113; Amanda R. Lopez, Fremont, seat belt violation, $77; Gregory L. Finley, Alvada, speed, $181; Thomas H. Bell, 65 Ella St., traffic lanes violation, $115; Vicki A. Holliday, Sandusky, speed, $140; Cody G. Neville, Attica, speed, $112; Lloyd E. Fortney, Attica, speed, $113; Maureen A. Hamilton, Englewood, speed, $116; Michael D. Perkins, Tiffin, speed, $110; Celeste E. Duncan, Norwalk, speed, $134.

Paul B. Marion, Tiffin, speed, $140; Kandy K. Donaldson, Findlay, speed, $125; Erma J. Cook, 34 Pinewood Dr., failure to yield right of way, $105; Shane A. Haughawout, Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $230; Jeremy G. Cherteiny, Columbus, speed, $18; Katlyn A. Perkins, 132 Park Ave., speed, $119; Craig A. Hassinger, Wadsworth, speed, $122; David N. Redenbarger, Columbus, tag/sticker violation, $115; Rachel A. Beale, Massillon, speed, $122; Stephan C. Heiwig, Cleveland, speed, $119.

Connor W. Ferguson, Loveland, speed, $119; Robert A. Stout, Green Springs, seat belt violation, $75; Preston Morton, Cleveland, speed, $119; Timothy B. Gaietto, Tiffin, speed, $137; Dana S. Oquinn, 401 N. Sandusky St., speed, $125; Allysa A. Scherger, Old Fort, speed, $119; Daniel E. Loeb, Takoma Park, Md., speed, $113; Robert L. Carter, Fremont, speed, $119; Kori L. Pocock, Marengo, speed, $146; Cassaundra M. Hook, 394 Water St., seat belt violation, $75.

Marjorie A. Reinhard, Republic, failure to yield right of way, $115; Anne E. Waibel, Columbus, speed, $140; Natalie L. McNamara, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $25; Kyle P. Sullivan, Toledo, improper/prohibitive turn violation, $115; Jane M. Hamilton, Springfield, speed, $122; Paula M. Manning, Bellevue, speed, $119; Forest T. Disbennett, Caledonia, speed, $116; Steven A. Bihn, Findlay, speed, $125; John B. Boyce, Findlay, speed, $119; Meredith L. Keegan, Clyde, speed, $128.

Joshua L. Adams, Fremont, speed, $128; Jessica Garcia, Tiffin, stop sign violation, $115; William S. Sauer, Tiffin, speed, $143; Jarrett E. Wilson, Reynoldsburg, speed, $116; John F. Fabrizio, Columbus, speed, $158; Beverly A. Kopp, Republic, left of center violation, $115; Robert J. Drexel, Westerville, speed, $125; Patricia M. Higgins, 38 Main St., start/back violation, $115; Darrin P. Mack, New Riegel, speed, $113; Christian T. Leck, Clyde, speed, $119.

William B. Frank, Strongsville, speed, $119; Benjamin D. Sales, Columbus, speed, $149; Curtis J. Anderson, Pickerington, speed, $125; Janet M. Herzog, 63 Linwood Rd., speed, $116; Connie D. Burger, Dayton, speed, $116; Laura J. Fitzwater, Willard, traffic lanes violation, $115; Alois Seidl III, Dayton, speed, $125; Mark Hovanec, Medina, speed, $125; Brian S. Skeel, Bloomville, seat belt violation, $75; Kevin E. Scherley, Bellevue, speed, $122.

Derek J. Porter, 64 Virginia Ave., registration violation, $115; Jeremy Patrick, Newark, failure to control, $117; Gregory W. Cross, Marysville, speed, $125; Christopher S. Gibson, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Susan Morrow, Destrehan, La., speed, $123; Jennifer K. James, Columbus, speed, $119; Antonio Gonzalez, Jr., Derby, Conn., speed, $128; Di Wu Daniel, Richmond Hill, speed, $143; Gary V. Hiser, North Baltimore, speed, $116; Kristina M. Reiter, Tiffin, failure to control, $115.

Kylie M. Rogers, Sandusky, seat belt violation, $72; George H. Basore III, Grove City, speed, $122; Lisa K. Lerch, Mechanicsburg, Pa., speed, $125; Virginia M. Siebenaller, Tiffin, speed, $119; Sandra L. Payne, Tiffin, left of center violation, $115; Steven R. Schairbaum, Dublin, speed, $134; Cassandra M. Acree, Carey, traffic lanes violation, $115; Jill R. Strausbaugh, Clyde, $128; Dwight J. Bushong, Kenton, speed, $122; Arlene D. Brandt, Jenison, Mich., speed, $149.

Joseph A. Lee, Fremont, seat belt violation, $75; Lauren M. Geroski, Fostoria, speed, $110; Christina L. Elliott, Fostoria, wrongful entrustment of vehicle, $344; Andrew C. Hively, Georgetown, Ky., speed, $145; Robert J. Hogle, Powell, speed, $131; John E. Armbruster, Shelby, speed, $110; Patrick M. Troutman, Sandusky, speed, $113; Sandra A. Holmer, Attica, speed, $119; Barbara A. Scaife, Tiffin, speed, $140.

Fostoria Municipal Court


Dale D. Nye, New Riegel, slow moving vehicle sign violation, $125; Christopher Haning, 636 McDougal St., failure to yield right of way, $125; David M. Taylor, Fostoria, speed, $111; Jeffrey D. Bury, Findlay, speed, $123; Bret A. Voges, Fostoria, speed, $123; Corey D. Klonowski, Bourbonnais, Ill., speed, $114; Kyle M. Williamson, Findlay, speed, $126; Ryan T. Phillips, 869 Columbus Ave., speed, $150; Kenneth S. Swartzmiller, Bascom, speed, $123; Alex J. Ferguson, 1521 N. Countyline, Lot 148, seat belt violation, $75.

Marie A. Coates, 215 S. Wood St., speed, $123; Rhonda K. Taylor, Fremont, speed, $114; Carson A. Deck, Dayton, speed, $123; Beth K. Gregg, Kettering, speed, $123; Randall E. Starr, Elida, speed, $165; Christopher A. Regas, Kansas City, Mo., speed, $111; Thomas W. Shull, Flushing, Mich., traffic control device violation, $125; Joe Sopher, Jr., Findlay, speed, $114; Leslie A. Halbisen, 516 Glenview Dr., speed, $129; Jennifer B. Olsen, Bellevue, assured clear distance, $125.


Melinda S. Hackenburg, Van Buren, pleaded no contest to wrongful entrustment of vehicle, vehicle to be impounded for 60 days by Fostoria Police Department, $900.

Benjamin E. Huffman, 78 Circular St., pleaded no contest to start/back violation, $145.