Daily log, July 5

Tiffin reports

Nathan P. Brogan, 26, of Findlay, was charged with theft Tuesday afternoon.

A 100-block East Perry Street man went to the station Tuesday afternoon and reported someone used his bank account.

A person went to the station Tuesday evening and reported being assaulted at work at Ballreich Bros., 186 Ohio Ave.

Dennisa R. Parrott, 35, of Tiffin, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated early Wednesday morning.

A juvenile was charged with juvenile unruliness Wednesday after an incident Tuesday.

A person reported Wednesday morning a window was shot out of an apartment building in the 1000 block of West Market Street. It was unknown when it happened.

A person from US Bank, 730 W. Market St., needed to report a scam involving one of the customers Wednesday morning.

A theft from Walmart, 2801 W. SR 18, was reported Wednesday evening.

A 200-block Coe Street man requested an officer Wednesday evening for vehicle vandalism.

A juvenile was found to be in possession of paraphernalia and marijuana in the first block of Grace Street Thursday morning.

County reports

A 6000-block South TR 1125 man reported Tuesday evening his ex-girlfriend took cash and his dog and broke a table.

A disturbance involving a man and a woman was reported at South SR 53 and West US 224 Wednesday afternoon. The woman declined to file charges.

A 900-block South Bon Air Avenue man reported Wednesday afternoon he had pool equipment by his garage and it was gone.

A 16000-block Chestnut Street woman reported Wednesday afternoon she believed her brother stole her children’s Wii and games.

A possible breaking and entering was reported in the first block of East New Haven Street Wednesday evening.

Fostoria reports

A man reported Tuesday night juveniles threw an object and dented his vehicle at West Lytle Street and Midblock.

A 200-block Sycamore Street resident went to the station Wednesday afternoon and requested to speak to an officer about a domestic situation. The incident was under investigation.

A 200-block Potter Street woman reported Wednesday afternoon her son stole a check and cashed it, and her account was overdrawn.

A person in the 400 block of South Main Street reported Wednesday evening tires were slashed.

A 100-block East 6th Street woman reported Wednesday evening a man assaulted her in Texas.

A 1000-block North Countyline Street man reported Wednesday evening someone busted the lock on his shed.

A 400-block Union Court resident reported early Thursday morning an assault.

A person reported early Thursday morning an intruder in the 100 block of North Union Street. A person was arrested for theft and criminal trespass.

Tiffin accidents

Aws Fayez Al-shehri, 22, of Tiffin, was cited with obedience to traffic control devices and a temporary permit violation after an accident at Webster and North Washington streets Tuesday morning. The other driver, Yolanda K. Burns, 71, of Tiffin, was taken by Tiffin EMS to Mercy Tiffin Hospital.

An accident was reported in the first block of Apple Street Thursday morning.

Fostoria accident

An accident was reported at West Tiffin and South Countyline streets Tuesday night.


Republic fire and EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Wednesday morning.

Tiffin EMS had two squad runs Tuesday afternoon, three squad runs Tuesday evening, three squad runs Wednesday afternoon, one squad run Wednesday evening, two squad runs Wednesday night and one squad run Thursday morning. Clinton fire assisted Tuesday evening, and Sycamore fire assisted Wednesday afternoon.

Attica EMS, Attica-Venice-Reed fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Wednesday afternoon.

Sycamore EMS and fire had a squad run Wednesday evening.

New Riegel EMS, NBS fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Wednesday evening.

Old Fort fire and Green Springs EMS had a squad run Wednesday night. Tiffin EMS also was called.

Republic fire and EMS had a squad run Thursday morning.


Kansas fire was called to a two-vehicle injury accident at CR 592 and SR 12 Tuesday afternoon.

Tiffin firefighters were called to heat from a short circuit at 73 St. Clair St. Tuesday afternoon.

Fostoria fire was called to the smell of smoke in the pool area of Best Western, 1690 N. Countyline St., Thursday morning.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Willie L. Grant, 35 Augusta Lane, Lot 36, disorderly conduct, $165; Colin S. Frank, 98 E. Spayth St., river littering violation, $100; Jamie C. Cooley, Bloomville, disorderly conduct, $230; Scott T. Lyons, 1740 Meadowlake Drive, speed, $162; Cody W. Thompson, Clyde, speed, $122; Terri L. Kirby, Tiffin, speed, $125; Aaron T. Smith, Bettsville, speed, $151; Nathan H. Staib, Tiffin, speed, $131; Jodi Perry, Clyde, speed, $143; Casie I. Miller, Columbus, speed, $113.

Jessica Yu, Columbus, speed, $118; William C. McLaughlin, Blanchester, traffic lanes violation, $115; Teresa A. Gomez, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $115; William H. Swartz, Toledo, speed, $140; Joseph L. Buckley, Republic, speed, $164; Curtis M. Asman, Millbury, speed, $119; Mark J. Binkley, Findlay, speed, $110; Arielle L. Smith, West Jefferson, speed, $131; Richard J. Gabel, Westerville, speed, $149; Sue A. Hesson, 271 St. Francis Ave., speed, $119.

Tyler J. Danner, McCutchenville, traffic control light violation, $115; Scott A. Thomas, Findlay, seat belt violation, $75; Richard B. Case, Elyria, speed, $116; Matthew P. Yeager, Clyde, seat belt violation, $80; Susanne M. Scott, 71 Beechwood Drive, failure to confine dog, $105; Ted L. Potts, 141 Cherry St., speed, $110; Lindsey N. Carrothers, Fremont, speed, $139; Deborah A. Frankart, Tiffin, speed, $164; Shyanna M. Fowler, 21 Johnson St., assured clear distance, $115; Mark S. Harless, Armada, Mich., speed, $151.

Eric A. Slosser, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $115; Kimberly J. Young, Sycamore, speed, $116; Leah K. Smith, Tiffin, speed, $125; Benjamin E. Huffman, New Riegel, seat belt violation, $70; Carissa R. Carter, Republic, start/back violation, $115; Joseph N. Chiarappa, Clinton, speed, $126; Casey L. Ward, Lakewood, assured clear distance, $115; Rachel M. Perry, 176 Wentz St., seat belt violation, $70; Stanley W. Delventhal, Northwood, speed, $131; Jane M. Grindley, Upper Arlington, speed, $116; Shirley M. Helton, Salyersville, Ky., speed, $119; Julia E. Mason, Attica, speed, $121.

Raymond T. Tomaszewski, Lorain, speed, $128; Douglas A. Carman, 101 Ella St., speed, $122; Caleb M. Phipps, Cindale, Texas, registration violation, $115; Michelle A. Scherley, Tiffin, speed, $113; Yuting Lei, Columbus, speed, $122; David P. Hess, 20 Prospect St., defective exhaust violation, $115; Thomas J. Stupi, Jeromesville, start/back violation, $115; Robert M. Daniels, Pennville, Ind., failure to control/weaving, $115; Claudius A. Varga, Garden City, Mich., failure to yield right of way, $115; Jonathan T. Derose, 294 Hedges St., speed, $113.

Audrey Horn, 155 Lindsay Ave., failure to yield right of way, $115; Derek R. Herzog, 63 Linwood Drive, speed, $125; Becky L. Baldosser, Republic, speed, $134.


Robert J. Armstrong, 164 Benner St., pleaded guilty to theft, no adverse contact with victim or address, complete parenting class and anger management assessment, $322.

Michael C. Bauman, 46 Grace St., operating vehicle impaired/under influence case dismissed on prosecutor’s motion based on other charges; pleaded no contest to operating vehicle impaired/under influence, 180 days jail, 134 days suspended, two-year license suspension, 10 days actual incarceration, 36 days monitoring, Firelands for multiple offender program, two years restricted plates and ignition interlock, SCRAM 180 days at discretion of probation, alcohol and bar prohibition, $913; pleaded no contest to failure to control/weaving, $35.

Donovan L. Staples, 260 Second Ave., pleaded guilty to underage drinking, 180 days jail, 120 days suspended, Wyandot underage drinking program, alcohol and bar prohibition, no jailable offenses, $378.

Kori W. Tyree, Tiffin, tampering with evidence violation case dismissed upon good cause shown, case dismissed without prejudice; littering case dismissed upon good cause shown, case dismissed without prejudice; possession of drug paraphernalia case dismissed upon good cause shown, case dismissed without prejudice; possession of marijuana case dismissed upon good cause shown.

Mindy L. Romig, Findlay, pleaded no contest to not having physical control of vehicle violation, 30 days jail, 30 days suspended, complete/pay for driver intervention program, immediate terminate ALS, 0 months driving suspension, $692; operating vehicle impaired/under influence case dismissed for good cause shown, case dismissed.

Jesse L. Deel, Republic, pleaded guilty to 12-point suspension, 30 days jail, 27 days suspended, six points, $378; pleaded guilty to Financial Responsibility Act suspension, $150.

Joshua T. Cross, Circleville, operating vehicle impaired/under influence case dismissed upon motion of city prosecutor due to plea in companion OMVI case; pleaded no contest to operating vehicle impaired, 30 days jail, 30 days suspended, six-month license suspension, approved for restricted driving privileges, complete/pay for driver intervention program, six points, $591; pleaded no contest to traffic lanes violation, $35.