Daily log, June 20

Tiffin reports

A woman went to the station Tuesday afternoon to report she found drug paraphernalia in her home.

A man in the 1400 block of Maule Road reported Wednesday morning someone Saran-wrapped his truck and drew obscenities on it. His girlfriend’s vehicle also was Saran-wrapped.

County reports

Logan S. Chilcote, 22, of Findlay, was charged with criminal damaging and disorderly conduct June 11.

Brooke M. Kistler, 18, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Monday.

Ashley R. Anderson, 20, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Monday.

Sean R. Derby, 22, of Bloomville, was charged with disorderly conduct Monday.

A caller reported Tuesday evening a person got out of a vehicle in the area of West SR 12 and North TR 47 and lay down in a field. Deputies were unable to locate the person.

A 500-block East SR 18 caller reported Tuesday night two teenagers were pouring and lighting gasoline behind an apartment building. The teenagers then ran into a wooded area.

Two female juveniles were arrested Tuesday night in the 200 block of North Broadway Street. Reports indicate they were violating curfew.

A 2000-block North SR 53 woman reported Wednesday morning someone broke into her home. Items were missing.

Fostoria reports

A woman went to the station Tuesday night to report an attempted credit card theft.

A 500-block Terry Lane man requested to speak to an officer early Wednesday morning about a person who took water from his hose and became argumentative when asked to leave. The person was warned for criminal trespass.

A caller from ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital reported early Wednesday morning an assault victim was being treated. The victim, a man, did not want help from police.

A break-in was reported Wednesday morning in the 300 block of West Jackson Street.

State Patrol

Jordan G. Hossler, 29, of Fostoria, was cited with operating a vehicle while intoxicated early Saturday morning.

An accident was reported Wednesday afternoon on North SR 53. No transports were made from the scene.


Old Fort fire and Bascom EMS and the Echo unit were called to an accident Wednesday afternoon on North SR 53.


Tiffin EMS had two squad runs Tuesday afternoon and one squad run Wednesday morning.

Clinton fire had a squad run Tuesday afternoon.

Green Springs fire and EMS had a squad run early Wednesday morning.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Tamara S. Rowe, Ada, speed, $112; Cody G. Smith, Tiffin, speed, $140; Judith A. Hayes, 92 Miami St., speed, $119; Justin R. Rose, Bellevue, speed, $125; Kelly M. Billeg, Bloomville, speed, $128; Richard Judy, Estero, Fla., speed, $130; Gregory L. Tasse, Sycamore, speed, $116; Charles W. Beveridge, Dubois, Pa., failure to control, $115; Darby J. Walton, Sycamore, stop sign violation, $115; Edwin L. Kauble, Wharton, speed, $110.

Gene E. Allebach, 515 S. Washington St., traffic lanes violation, $115; Daniel K. Workman, Powell, speed, $119; Chad W. McConaha, 304 W. Perry St., speed, $158; Justin L. Keaton, Willard, speed, $119; Dawn L. Crow, Lima, speed, $123; Amber N. Terry, 47 McCullum St., speed, $128; Adam C. Culler, Ida, Mich., speed, $116; Gina Murray, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $70; Susan M. Kajfasz, Green Springs, speed, $134; Curtis R. Grove, 166 Second Ave., disorderly conduct, $230.

Morgan R. Johnson, Grove City, unsafe passing violation, $125; Lloyd G. Hall, Las Vegas, Nev., speed, $128; Roy D. Zimmerman, Clayton, Mich., assured clear distance, $115; Brett A. Platt, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Melissa A. Kovach, Sycamore, speed, $110; Carolyn J. Mullins, Byron, Mich., speed, $136; Mary Beth Conley, Millbury, speed, $116; Trinity R. Robinson, Republic, seat belt violation, $70; Shawn M. Mestelske, Findlay, speed, $128; Tara L. Beckley Oman, Findlay, speed, $116.

Jeremy S. Neff, Circleville, speed, $119; Norberto Benavidez Jr., Fostoria, assured clear distance, $115; Jason D. Wren, Grandview, speed, $140; Robert W. Booth, Clyde, speed, $119; Nathaniel R. Hoyda, 165 Fourth Ave., assured clear distance, $115.