Daily log, May 9

Tiffin reports

Lance D. Weiland, 30, of Tiffin, was charged with theft for an incident March 28.

A juvenile was arrested Wednesday morning in the 200 block of South Monroe Street. According to the report, charges were to be filed for trespassing.

County reports

A 5000-block East TR 130 woman reported Wednesday morning a farmer who was plowing tore down cable and telephone lines and also damaged her property. Power lines also were reported down in the area of East CR 34 and North TR 169 from a tractor Wednesday morning. Toledo Edison was called to the scene.

Fostoria reports

A woman went to the station Tuesday afternoon to report she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

A man went to the station Tuesday afternoon to speak to an officer about his 13-year-old daughter being assaulted by a 13-year-old boy on a school bus. Charges are pending, according to the report.

An 800-block North Union Street woman reported Wednesday morning two women were throwing rocks at a neighbor’s windows.

A woman went to the station Wednesday afternoon to report her debit card had been stolen.


Kansas firefighters were called to Ash Street Tuesday night for an electric pole on fire.


Tiffin EMS had a squad run early Wednesday morning and two squad runs Wednesday afternoon.

Bloomville fire and EMS and the Echo unit had one squad run Tuesday evening and one squad run Tuesday night.

Green Springs fire and EMS had a squad run Tuesday night.