Daily log, May 13

Tiffin reports

Corinna A. Baker, 36, of Tiffin, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and failure to use turn signals early Saturday morning.

Bridget A. Moran, 21, of Lakewood, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and improper left turn-one way early Sunday morning.

Robert J. Hubbard, 49, of Tiffin, was charged with domestic violence Sunday morning.

A man in the first block of Minerva Street reported Sunday morning someone flattened his tires.

A person reported Sunday afternoon a television was missing from the 100 block of First Avenue.

County reports

A 5000-block East CR 16 man reported Saturday evening a bullet was shot through his home from his neighbor’s house. A Seneca County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said it was accidental, and he was not expecting to file criminal charges. It remained under investigation Sunday night.

A man in the 5000 block of North TR 63 reported Saturday evening there was vandalism to his vehicle.

Fostoria reports

A person reported Sunday morning a house in the 800 block of Buckley Street was broken into. The incident was under investigation.

A 700-block Northview Drive woman reported Sunday afternoon her 16-year-old son was outside, and a man in a vehicle drove by and tried to shoot with a BB gun.

Tiffin accident

A citation of assured clear distance ahead was issued after a two-vehicle, non-injury accident at East Perry and South Washington streets Saturday night.


Clinton fire and Tiffin EMS were called to a possible house fire on South TR 159 Saturday evening. It was a false alarm.

Fostoria Fire Department was notified Saturday evening of an electrical outlet that was smoking at 515 Columbus Ave.

Fostoria Fire Department was requested Saturday night for a possible electrical fire at 516 W. Fremont St.

Tiffin firefighters were called to a smoke detector activation at 45 St. Lawrence Drive early Sunday morning. There was no fire, and it was unintentional.


Tiffin EMS had four squad runs Saturday afternoon, one squad run Saturday evening and three squad runs Sunday morning. Sycamore fire assisted Sunday.

Fostoria EMS and Kansas fire had a squad run Saturday night.

Attica EMS, Attica-Venice-Reed fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Sunday morning.

Green Springs fire had a squad run Sunday afternoon.

Fostoria Municipal Court


Anthony L. Williams Jr., 727 Spruce St., pleaded no contest to driving under Financial Responsibility Act suspension, $845; pleaded no contest to driving under suspension, $768; pleaded no contest to red light violation, $68.

Larry E. McCray, 616 N. Union St. pleaded guilty to no valid operator’s license, $343.

Jude L. Dube, 115 Palmer St., pleaded no contest to assault, 180 days jail, 150 days suspended, four days credit, two years probation, pay restitution to be determined by probation, $298.

Donald L. Simon, 12400 S. Axline St., Lot 38, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, $187.

Candelario Reyes Jr., Fostoria, pleaded no contest to driving under Financial Responsibility Act suspension, $401; pleaded no contest to speed, $118.

Sarah R. Mason, 818 E. Fremont St., pleaded no contest to driving under Financial Responsibility Act suspension, vehicle ordered released upon payment of towing and storage, $887.

Zachary A. Hosler, Findlay, pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property, 180 days jail, 60 days suspended, 47 days credit, two years probation, pay restitution, $367.

Charles D. Goodluck, Findlay, pleaded guilty to resisting arrest, 90 days jail, 39 days credit, $144; pleaded guilty to obstruction of official business, 90 days jail, 39 days credit, $39.

Richard F. Seaburn III, 436 McDougal St., pleaded no contest to possession of drug paraphernalia, 30 days jail, 20 days suspended, three days credit, six-month license suspension, two years community control, counseling Fostoria Alcohol Center, $267.

Lionel L. Robinson, 632 Wall St., pleaded no contest to failure to reinstate license, $1,117; pleaded no contest to Financial Responsibility Act suspension, $1,075.

Tammy F. Kuenzili, New Riegel, pleaded no contest to expired tags, $112.

Jolande E. Marsman, 622 S. Poplar St., pleaded guilty to speed, $141.

Stacy R. Holland, Ada, pleaded no contest to stop sign violation, $243.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Edith R. Jones, Fremont, speed, $140; David L. Dunaway, Greenville, speed, $122; Brant A. Baker, Republic, speed, $128; Diane K. Bowen, Attica, speed, $152; Ather Keys Jr., Brooklyn, N.Y., speed, $141; Bryan G. Richardson, Republic, rapid acceleration, $115; Richard G. Depinet, Attica, speed, $116; Margery A. Swartz, Attica, failure to control, $115; Nichole K. O’Hara, Sandusky, speed, $125; Amy A. Derodes, Fremont, failure to yield right of way, $115.

Brenda G. Bagent, 65 Oakbridge Park, speed, $125; Ronald Linkey, Bellevue, dog at large, $105; John E. Thornton, Attica, speed, $131; Joshua J. Dariano, Tiffin, speed, $140; George R. Trapp, 262 Eighth Ave., stop sign violation, $115; Arin N. Bowles, 2716 Briarwood Drive, speed, $128; Tyler A. Burns, 57 Henry St., speed, $110; Kimberly A. Glick, 225 N. Washington St., speed, $116; Christopher L. Borer, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $115; Matthew J. Wilde, Norwalk, speed, $119.

Trace A. Hurst, Hilliard, speed, $123; Derek L. Williams, Findlay, disorderly conduct, $85; Rebecca J. Martin, 39 Wentz St., seat belt violation, $75; Rene A. Reiter, Ferndale, Mich., speed, $128; Kristopher L. Knepper, 154 S. Washington St., 203, improper/prohibitive turn, $115; Christopher W. Holoman, Upper Sandusky, speed, $119; Barbara L. Brodbeck, Findlay, traffic lanes violation, $115; Tia E. Day, Fostoria, speed, $113; Charles R. Snelling, Bettsville, seat belt violation, $75; Peter D. Myers, 20 Braden Court, assured clear distance, $150.

Amie A. Jordan, 70 Miami St., traffic control light violation, $115; Grace O. Sholl, 24 Kensington Ave., start/back violation, $115; Kimberly L. Hoover, 44 Fostoria St., speed, $116.