Daily log, March 18

Tiffin reports

A woman in the 500 block of West Market Street reported Saturday morning she thought someone attempted to break into her car.

A 100-block Longfellow Drive man reported Saturday afternoon a woman used more money from his checking account than he had allowed.

A 400-block East Perry Street man reported Saturday afternoon charges on his card.

A fight was reported early Sunday morning at Stiney’s Three Oaks Tavern, 255 Second Ave.

County reports

A 1000-block South SR 53 resident wanted to speak with a deputy Saturday morning about a missing food stamp card.

Drug paraphernalia was located on an arrested man in the 500 block of East SR 18 Saturday evening.

A woman reported Saturday evening her car was struck on tracks near a residence in the 1000 block of North TR 47. A case of beer was located near the tracks, and a woman was taken into custody.

Fostoria reports

An employee of Fostoria Community Hospital, 501 Van Buren St., reported Saturday night a child was shot with a gel gun. It was not a criminal complaint and was a civil matter, according to the report.

Abagail N. Bomer, 28, of Fostoria, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated early Sunday morning.

A 300-block North Union Street woman reported Saturday night someone was in her garage.

A disturbance was reported early Sunday morning at Loc Tocallos, 203 N. Main St. It was under investigation. A fight later was reported.

A woman in the 600 block of Findlay Street reported early Sunday morning her boyfriend physically assaulted her and took her car. A man was arrested.

A person in the 300 block of East Eagle Street was cited for drug paraphernalia Sunday afternoon.

Tiffin accidents

Laurisa A. Roe, 20, of Tiffin, was cited with texting while driving prohibited after an accident on Hedges Street March 9.

Cynthia A. Fletcher, 45, of Tiffin, was cited with obedience to traffic control devices after an accident at South Washington and East Perry streets Friday evening.

A person reported early Sunday morning a truck was struck in the 200 block of Jefferson Street.

County accident

Kori Reichert, 23, of Attica, was cited with failure to control after an accident in the 2000 block of US 224 Friday afternoon.

Fostoria accidents

Melissa Hammer, 34, of Fostoria, was taken by Fostoria Fire Division to Fostoria Community Hospital after being struck by a vehicle driven by William Myers, 60, of Fostoria, at a North Countyline Street location Feb. 27.

Ashley A. Fergueson, 16, of Fostoria, was cited with improper lane change after an accident at North Countyline and West Culbertson streets March 5.

Andre Murphy Jr., 20, of Fostoria, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after an accident at South Main and West Lytle streets March 9. He was transported by Fostoria Fire Division.

Diane M. Martinez, 44, of Fostoria, was cited with failure to yield prior to road after an accident at North Town and Sandusky streets Tuesday afternoon.

A citation was issued after a non-injury accident at South Main and West Lytle streets Sunday afternoon.

Tiffin fire

Firefighters responded to a false alarm or false call at 25 E. Market St. Saturday evening.

County fire

Bascom fire and Fostoria EMS responded to a possible dryer fire Saturday evening.

Old Fort fire and Bettsville EMS responded to smoke Saturday night.


Tiffin EMS had one squad run Saturday afternoon, one squad run Saturday evening, one squad run early Sunday morning and one squad run Sunday morning. Clinton fire went on a squad run with Tiffin EMS Saturday evening.

Bascom EMS, Bettsville fire and Echo had a squad run Sunday morning.

Fostoria Municipal Court


Tristan R. Lofton, 1204 Peeler Dr., Apt. F, pleaded no contest to trespassing, 30 days jail, 20 days suspended, one day credit, one year community control, no contact with victim, $287.

Stacey Graham, Fostoria, preliminary waiver on protection order violation, bond continued, bound over to Wood County Common Pleas Court.

Zachary N. Wonderly, 224 1/2 S. Main St., pleaded no contest to no application filed, $168; pleaded no contest to criminal damages violation, 90 days jail, 30 days suspended, 16 days credit, two years community control, pay restitution, $298; pleaded no contest to operating vehicle impaired, 90 days jail, 80 days suspended, six-month license suspension, two years community control, $569; pleaded no contest to driving under Financial Responsibility Act suspension, $867.

Craig A. Nye, Fostoria, pleaded no contest to disrupting school, 90 days jail, 87 days suspended, two years community control, no trespassing at Fostoria High School, no contact with victim, counseling at Firelands, $325.

Corey L. Gullatt, Findlay, pleaded no contest to resisting arrest, 90 days jail, 55 days credit, $151; pleaded no contest to menacing charges, 30 days jail, $184.

Angelo R. Rodriguez, 631 S. Countyline, pleaded no contest to operating vehicle impaired, 30 days jail, 30 days suspended, six-month license suspension, one year community control, complete/pay for driver intervention program, random drug testing, $528; pleaded no contest to lane/line violation, $68.

Michael A. Dyer, Sr., 897 Cory St., pleaded no contest to yard parking violation, $243; pleaded no contest to parked trailer violation, $168.

Joseph A. Nye, Fostoria, pleaded no contest to assault, 180 days jail, 150 days suspended, 26 days credit, two years community control, counseling at Firelands, pay restitution, no contact with victim, $339.

Floyd A. Baker, III, Fostoria, pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property, 180 days jail, 170 days suspended, one year community control, counseling at Firelands, $298; pleaded no contest to possession of drug paraphernalia, six-month license suspension, $189; pleaded no contest to possession of marijuana, six-month license suspension, $189.

Jarron D. Hinton, Lima, pleaded guilty to no operator’s license, $345; pleaded guilty to prohibitive turn violation, $68.

Justin A. Vanfleet, Gibsonburg, pleaded no contest to changing lanes without regard to safety, $145.


Brenda R. Williams, 241 E. South St., stop sign violation, $125; Omar B. Delarosa, 107 S. Countyline St., start/back violation, $125; Marcus W. Everly, 156 Sandusky St., traffic control device violation, $125; Keith R. Walker, 2997 McCutchenville, Fostoria, improper/prohibitive turn violation, $125; Melinda A. Herrig, Findlay, expired tag violation, $125; Jennifer L. McCaskill, 159 E. Crocker St., start/back violation, $125; Deven R. Butte, Findlay, speed, $108; Jeremiah L. Bethel, 815 W. Center St., speed, $120; Ryan S. Tittle, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Alvin B. Curtis, III, 100 Barcelona Dr., Apt. 101, assured clear distance, $125.

Brian J. Hershey, 302 E. Fremont St., stop sign violation, $125; Judy L. Ametrano, Findlay, speed, $120; Patrick B. Tesnow, Arcadia, speed, $117; Ann E. Scherger, 720 Glenwood Ave., assured clear distance, $125; Joseph D. Herringshaw, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Robert C. Chidester, Milan, speed, $117; Michael J. Horton, Twinsburg, speed, $114; Patrick R. Ardner, Tiffin, speed, $123; Nancy L. Fruth, Arcadia, speed, $111; Devin E. Williams, Canton, speed, $123.

Kevin T. Wertz, Bascom, expired tag violation, $125; Tori D. Lewis, Clyde, speed, $114; Emma M. McDougle, Findlay, speed, $117; Heather M. Cornett, Tiffin, speed, $126; Jennifer J. Fisk, Bloomdale, speed, $120; Jeffrey G. Burns, Fostoria, start/back violation, $125; Tevon L. Smith, 924 S. Main St., disorderly conduct, $115; Jennifer A. Dahlinghaus, Minster, speed, $123; Dakota S. Fleming, Clinton, Tenn., failure to yield right of way, $125; Michael A. Dyer, 997 Cory St., speed, $126.

Kathleen A. Korenowsky, Findlay, speed, $120; Michael J. Deneszczuk, Pinckney, Mich., failure to yield, $179; Tiffany L. Springer, Arcadia, seat belt violation, $75; Sara M. Walter, 143 E. Clark St., speed, $111; Marion L. Harvey, Findlay, speed, $117; Jeffrey L. Harmon, Bettsville, speed, $114; Jack M. Unum, Lima, speed, $120; Lauren J. Beach, Tiffin, speed, $129; Raco L. Edwards, 915 Spruce St., failure to yield right of way, $125; Shane A. Marker, 146 E. Tiffin St., assured clear distance, $125.

Jennie L. Brown, 204 Seneca Ave., failure to yield right of way/intersection, $125; Harriette Perkins, 228 E. Tiffin St., red light violation, $125; Davron Alimov, Findlay, speed, $129; Michael S. St. Clair, III, 639 Northview Dr., failure to control, $125; Kristy L. Lambright, 522 N. Poplar St., failure to control, $125; Joshua McCarley, 511 W. Tiffin St., failure to control, $125; Jon M. Durst, 716 E. High St., disorderly conduct, $115; Matthew Stone, Tiffin, tag/sticker violation, $125.