Daily log, Feb. 17

Tiffin reports

Heather M. Harris, 28, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Friday night.

A 19-year-old Tiffin woman was charged with driving under the influence and cited with driving on the curb early Saturday morning.

A 19-year-old Tiffin man was charged with underage possession and consumption Saturday.

A person reported Friday afternoon a house window was broken with a rock on the 200-block of Circular Street.

A person reported their vehicle was entered at the 100-block of Central Avenue Saturday morning.

A man reported Saturday morning someone hit his vehicle overnight in the 500 block of East Market Street.

A person reported Saturday morning their vehicle was entered in the 100 block of Cottage Avenue.

A juvenile boy reported Friday his father hit his mother in the first block of West Market Street.

A person reported Friday afternoon a catalytic converter was stolen from a car in the 600 block of South Sandusky Street.

County reports

A woman reported early Saturday morning she witnessed someone trying to pry open the door at the VFW, 345 N. TR 91.

Fostoria reports

A woman called Friday afternoon to report her phone was stolen at Friendship Sunoco, 526 Sandusky St. The man who took it tried to sell it.

A woman called Friday evening to report somebody climbing through her bedroom window at Governor’s Manor of Fostoria, 400 N. Main St., while she was at work.

A woman called Saturday morning to report a man assaulted a woman and a man in the 100 block of Palmer Street.

A woman called Saturday afternoon to report she gave her coat to a woman outside The Rail, 440 S. Main Street. The coat had the woman’s cell phone in the pocket and the woman took off with the coat.

County accident

A vehicle failed to stop and ran into another vehicle Saturday morning in Venice Township. One vehicle was stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of SR 4 and TR 86 facing east. Another vehicle was traveling eastbound on TR 86 and struck the other vehicle. Bloomville EMS responded to the call and one driver was transported to Willard Mercy Hospital.

Tiffin fire

Firefighters responded to an unintentional detector activation in the 100 block of Clay Street Friday evening.

Firefighters responded to an alarm system malfunction in the 90 block of Greenfield Street Saturday morning.

Fostoria fire

Firefighters responded to a call early Saturday morning concerning a stolen pickup truck that crashed and burned in Reservoir 4. No other information was available.

County fire

A person reported Saturday afternoon smoke in a church on North CR 25. The smoke was coming from a light fixture. Kansas Fire Department and Fostoria EMS were called out.


Green Springs EMS had one squad run early Saturday morning.

Attica EMS responded to an accident but had no transfer Saturday morning.

Bloomville EMS responded to an accident and had one transfer Saturday morning.

Tiffin EMS had one squad run Saturday morning.