Daily log, January 14

Tiffin reports

Richard C. Cleveland, 41, of Republic, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated early Sunday morning.

Lindsey T. Bassitt, 21, of Elida, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and improper left turn-one way early Sunday morning.

Fights were reported inside Three Oaks Tavern, 255 Second Ave., early Sunday.

A person reported early Sunday morning a man walked into Circle K, 73 Melmore St., took a Coors beer, threw $2 on the counter and left.

A person reported Sunday morning a wallet was stolen from a vehicle in the first block of West Perry Street.

A person in the 200 block of Hall Street reported Sunday morning a stop sign was thrown through a neighbor’s fence.

A person reported Sunday afternoon glass was broken out of exterior doors at University Hall, 310 E. Market St.

A person in the first block of Charlotte Street reported drug abuse Sunday afternoon.

County reports

A person in the 900 block of South Caldwell Avenue reported early Saturday morning a man was struck by a man.

A man reported Saturday night a truck left through a bean stubble field on North CR 43 and tore it up.

A woman reported early Sunday morning a middle-aged man with only a sweatshirt and shoes was walking along SR 18. A person was taken to Seneca County Jail and cited with disorderly conduct while intoxicated, obstruction and pedestrian on the roadway.

Fostoria reports

A 700-block Williston Avenue man reported early Saturday morning his girlfriend was being assaulted by a large group of men and women. A second call reported someone was shooting a gun. A large fight was reported in the hospital parking lot, with one person having a baseball bat. A person was taken to Seneca County Jail on a warrant, according to a Seneca County Sheriff’s Office report. A message was left for a Fostoria Police Department official.

A person reported Saturday evening a man was screaming in the 300 block of North Wood Street. He was pacing on the sidewalk and preaching loudly as people were leaving church, according to the report.

A woman went to the station Saturday evening and reported an ATM at Old Fort Bank, 599 Plaza Drive, was spitting out money that was not hers. The manager was to take care of the problem.

A person reported Saturday night a man kept selling drugs to people.

An employee of Dollar General, 166 E. Lytle St., reported Saturday night an incident with a shoplifter. Charges were to be filed.

A person in the 500 block of North Poplar Street reported early Sunday morning a back door was kicked in.

A 300-block South Union Street woman reported Sunday afternoon her boyfriend was tearing up her room. A man was arrested on a warrant.

A 1000-block Beier Drive woman reported Sunday afternoon her back door was kicked in by her ex-boyfriend.

Fostoria accident

Brok A. Darr, 24, of Fostoria, was cited with failure to yield after an accident in the 100 block of Elm Street Tuesday afternoon.

Tiffin fire

Firefighters were called to a smoke detector activation at 27 St. Lawrence Drive Saturday afternoon.

Fostoria Municipal Court


Juanita R. Lopez, McComb, speed, $108; Richard G. Brimmer, Oak Harbor, speed, $123; Derek L. Williams, Findlay, speed, $135; Cory M. Gregg, 1316 42nd St., stop sign violation, $125; Andrea M. Cress, Bettsville, tag/sticker violation, $125; Ralph L. King, 618 W. Center St., assured clear distance violation, $125; Matthew A. Lamma, Tiffin, speed, $165; Shane A. Marker, 146 E. Tiffin St., disorderly conduct, $115; Richard A. Cavey, 312 College Ave., start/back violation, $125; Brian T. Kummerer, Tiffin, speed, $135; Beverly S. Delarosa, Bradner, speed, $108; Connie L. Cook, Findlay, failure to yield, $125; Jennings W. Mathews, 211 W. Center St., no vendor license, $115.

Trent A. Beamer, Arcadia, failure to control, $125, failure to yield, $65; Charles R. Lorah, 500 Summit St., changing lanes without regard to safety, $125; Eugene S. Latour, Riga, Mich., changing lanes without regard to safety, $125; Virginia L. Stratton, Wapakoneta, speed, $138; Heather L. Claiborne, Tiffin, speed, $117; Amber L. Burns, 449 W. North St., stop sign violation, $125; David P. Hess, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Christopher J. Hutchinson, 507 Monticello Drive, speed, $117; Earl B. White, III, Sandusky, traffic control light violation, $125; Carolyn A. Yenco, Olmstead, speed, $135; John J. Simonis, Fostoria, assured clear distance, $125.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Christina H. Adelman, Gahanna, speed, $135; Jennifer L. Fisher, Fremont, traffic lanes violation, $117; Jennifer L. Loudenslager, 80 Minerva St., stop sign violation, $115; Madelyn A. Scherger, 422 Miami St., speed, $116; Lois M. Dickey, Fremont, speed, $125; Sean C. Brashares, Attica, disorderly conduct, $230; Jimmy A. Miller, Whitehall, speed, $112; Shannon R. Salazar, Tiffin, speed, $119; Allison V. Schrader, Fremont, speed, $128; Barbara L. Baldosser, Green Springs, speed, $119; Adam S. Higgins, Alvada, failure to control, $115; June M. Baker, Kansas, failure to control, $115, seat belt violation, $30.

Mark A. Dunfee II, Fostoria, speed, $119; David R. Perkins, Dover Foxcroft, Me., speed, $122; Jason C. Nighswander, Green Springs, tag/sticker violation, $115; Garrett J. Tusing, Attica, assured clear distance, $115; Troy A. Bogner, 422 W. Perry St., assured clear distance, $110; Paul J. Lapczenski, 667 S. Hedgegate, failure to control/weaving, $115; Dawn M. Gaietto, Gainesville, Fla., disorderly conduct, $230; Carla J. McCool, Sandusky, speed, $122; Richard A. Haugh, 859 Miami St., Apt. 25, speed, $185; Trey M. Cox, Norwalk, seat belt violation, $75; Joshua A. Schultz, Bellevue, speed, $134.