Daily log, Jan. 20

Tiffin Reports

An employee of Circle K, 272 N. Sandusky St., reported a theft early Saturday morning.

A person called early Saturday morning to report possible drug activity near Circle K, 272 N. Sandusky St.

A person reported Saturday afternoon a damaged garage door on the 100-block of Coe Street.

County Reports

A woman reported a missing debit card from her residence on the 7000-block of West SR 12.

A man called to report an underage party at a 2400-block of W. TR 1099 residence.

Fostoria Reports

A person went to the station Friday afternoon to report a missing computer tablet from a 400-block Stadium Drive residence.

A person went to the station Friday night to report a stolen pre-paid credit card.

A person called Friday night to report her friend had been assaulted by her husband on the 800-block of Woodward Avenue.

A woman called Friday night to report her son assaulted her at her 400-block East Center Street residence.

A person reported Saturday morning his wallet his missing from his room at Best Western, 1690 N. Countyline St.

Tiffin Fire

Firefighters were called to 39 Apple St. for a bomb scare early Saturday morning.

Firefighters were called to 78 Shaffer Park Drive Saturday morning for an unintentional smoke detector activation.