CHEAP ‘R’ is just way to do business

It’s almost air conditioning weather, and a new HVAC company in Tiffin is ready to help keep customers cool.

Jim Martin, owner of CHEAP “R” Services, said his company began providing services in January and recently leased space in the former Warner automotive building, 2226 W. Market St. His son Josh is a part owner.

Martin said the opportunity to lease the 3,000-square-foot facility was “all about location” and offers CHEAP “R” visibility and the chance to grow the business.

While the CHEAP “R” name seems unique, Martin said the acronym is a representation of his company’s services.

CHEAP “R” offers cooling, heating, electrical and plumbing repair, he said, in addition to installation of those systems.

The name also is representative of the way Martin has chosen to do business.

“We are cheaper than anyone else out there,” he said.

Martin said his decision to start an HVAC company that offers an affordable alternative with the “same quality work” was a reaction to the tough economy and a desire to help others.

CHEAP “R” offers “top-notch quality work,” he said.

He said he has been blessed, and that God is his foundation and the reason behind his success. In addition to starting CHEAP “R,” Martin said, he is pastor of Truth Baptist Church of Tiffin and a military veteran.

He said CHEAP “R” customers who are veterans receive at least a 10- percent discount to thank them for service to their country.

Martin said, CHEAP “R” has two employees in addition to himself, but an another worker might be added soon to help with the busy spring season.

CHEAP “R” can be reached at (567) 207-5984, or by emailing .

A grand opening is planned in late spring or early summer, Martin, said.