Beck’s Supply closing in Attica

The Attica office of Beck’s Supply is closing after 18 years and consolidating into its Fremont building.

Customer service representative Sheena Arent said the office at 15025 US 224 is to be closed April 22 and the two employees who work there will be moved to the Fremont office.

“It’s been being planned for a while,” she said. “It’s just finally getting done.”

Arent said customers will see no interruption or change in service, except people who usually pay their bills at the office can either visit the Fremont office or pay by mail. She said bills include a free mail-back envelope.

Customers will be receiving information in the mail about the change. They may continue to call the Attica phone number, but it will be answered in Fremont.

Beck’s offers propane and heating oil services as well as diesel and other types of fuel.

For more information, call (800) 472-2591.