3-D Homestead Inn opening in Republic

Greg Neikirk has a flair for cooking, and is sharing that talent at his new catering and banquet facility, The 3-D Homestead Inn.

Neikirk said he has “always cooked,” and previously worked at Farmer’s Cafe in Republic. He said while his specialties are stuffed pork chops and stuffed chicken breasts, he “can fix anything.”

The 3-D Homestead Inn, located in Republic at 204 Center St., features a kitchen and banquet facility that is able to accommodate parties up to 50 people, he said. The room already is booked for a Thanksgiving dinner, he said, and inquiries also have been made for Christmas.

Also, Neikirk performs off-site catering from the Homestead Inn, and said he is able to serve smaller weddings, parties and other occasions.

In the future, a bed-and-breakfast will be open at The 3-D Homestead Inn, Neikirk said. The inn will have three guest bedrooms, and will be a welcome option in a town where overnight accommodations aren’t otherwise available, he said.

Neikirk said he has transformed the property since purchasing it, and wonderful features, such as antique furniture and a stone fireplace, await guests at the Homestead Inn.

Neikirk said he runs The 3-D Homestead Inn with the help of his mother, two sisters and a niece, who are the three “Ds” in the business’ name. Other employees, he said, have not yet been necessary. Hiring additional staff, he said, will depend on the pace of business.

An open house is set for Sunday to allow the public to see what the facility has to offer. Light refreshments will be served to guests at the open house, Neikirk said, which is 2 -4 p.m.