Salon owner launches line of makeup

After 21 years as owner of Mane Cinsations, Cindy Haupert has developed her own line of mineral makeup products, which are available at the salon.

Haupert said she “thought about the idea for many years” and decided in January to pursue the creation of Bare Cinsations products.

“I wanted a line that makes you look good and is good for your skin,” she said.

In May, Bare Cinsations products arrived at the salon, she said, and have gotten great reviews.

Before the start of the Bare Cinsations line, she said, the salon carried another line of mineral makeup, and, while Haupert said the products were good, she wanted to focus on makeup that was “more skin enhancing.”

Customers who have switched to her products, she said, have “all really liked it.”

Makeup products available at Mane Cinsations include loose mineral foundation, cream mineral foundation, primers, concealers, blush, shadows, eyeliner, an under eye lift product called No Baggage and vegan brushes. Haupert said the cream mineral foundation, in particular, is unique to her line. While most other mineral makeups have a limited selection of cream foundations, she said, Bare Cinsations offers a full line of cream foundation shades.

All the products offered by Bare Cinsations, she said, are vegan and gluten-free, and are ideal for every skin type and those with sensitivities. Haupert said she is careful to ensure the ingredients for her makeup are from sources that are animal friendly, which she said is inspired partly by her love for animals.

Haupert said developing a line of makeup was a complicated process that involved an immense amount of research, work and attention to detail.

“I have an all-or-nothing approach,” she said, “and I like a challenge.”

Beyond the process of formulating each Bare Cinsations product, which was guided by research and years of experience, Haupert said “putting all the components together” involved finding a company to make her products, choosing ingredient suppliers, planning for packaging, creating and finalizing signs and labels, having cards printed, and ensuring all applicable regulations for the products were followed.

She said some of the products are mixed in-house, which requires strict quality control for product purity and a substantial time commitment.

She said other Bare Cinsations products are in development. Those include lipsticks and glosses, a full eye shadow line, mascara, and shampoo and conditioner. She said those additions could begin to be available in November.

Haupert said product sales have been steady since their introduction in May, and she feels now is the time to begin marketing the line, and looking beyond the salon for sales.

For now, Haupert said, Bare Cinsations products only are available at Mane Cinsations, but she has been weighing a number of marketing options to grow the line. She said plans are in the works to begin selling Bare Cinsations online, and she is considering expanding into other salons. Also, Haupert said she may begin advertising at women’s groups and craft and bridal fairs.

Haupert said she would love to see the makeup line’s popularity grow to the point where she would need to add employees to support demand for the makeup.

In the meantime, Haupert is to continue to offer complexion-enhancing mineral makeup products that she says are “what people want now.” Having a high-end mineral makeup line based in Tiffin, she said, is unique, and is further proof that women “do not have to travel to a big city for pampering.”

Haupert said Mane Cinsations customers can get personalized consultations and the benefit of her product expertise. For more information, call Haupert at (419) 889-8988.

She said the salon will be open Saturday morning during the Heritage Festival. Her mineral products will be on display, and special pricing and offers may be available, she said.