Nutrition, exercise focus of business

The newest business in downtown Tiffin is Connxtions Nutrition Studio, 126 S. Washington St.

“Our main idea is that we’re wellness coaches,” said Brandie Gruss, who co-owns the business with Danielle Smith and Maggie Powell. “We do wellness assessments, weight management and muscle-gain programs. We use the Herbalife products to help them (customers) get more results faster than they could on their own.”

The studio fits the needs of several types of people.

“Most people use us as a restaurant essentially,” Gruss said. “So they get their nutrition.”

The studio features Herbalife products, served in a setting convenient for on-the-go customers.

She also asks customers if they would like a free health assessment, which she said gives people an idea of the best program for them to follow to get the results they seek.

“That’s the coaching part, the assessment,” she said. “It doesn’t cost anything. Anybody can get one.”

Depending on the assessment outcome, she advises people which products would benefit them.

When customers visit, Gruss said they can get three things.

“One is a shot of aloe, which tastes like mango,” she said. “It’s like lotion for the insides. You know how you put lotion on your body to keep it supple. This does the same thing for you inside.”

The second item is tea.

“Tea is an energy tea that burns about 80 calories,” she said. “It boosts the metabolism and just makes you feel good. I get more energy than a cup of coffee when I drink it.”

And the nutrition is a shake.

“The shake is a meal replacement with vitamins, minerals and nutrients,” she said. “A balanced meal.”

“They’re to help people with losing weight, or once you’ve lost weight, helping to maintain,” Smith said. “They also can be a healthy alternative for a quick lunch or a quick breakfast instead of going through the drive-through. A lot less calories, fat and cholesterol.”

Meal replacement bars and other nutrition products also are available.

“It improves overall health and wellness through proper nutrition,” Gruss said.

She personally lost 65 pounds on the program.

“I’m a licensed massage therapist that felt like a hypocrite for being overweight,” Gruss said “I’m pretty much going to be a lifetime customer.”

She said Powell lost 23 pounds in five weeks.

In addition to the new venture, Gruss is continuing her massage business on Saturdays.

“It’s all part of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle,” she said.

Also part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise.

Smith is teaching Zumba classes – a form of dance for exercise – at the studio. This week’s classes are free to give people a chance to try out Zumba. Times are 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Wednesday and Friday, 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. Saturday. After this week classes are $5 each.

Gruss said she’s planning to start a new “boot camp” Monday. The program is another form of workout that progresses from “transformers” to “unstoppables.”

The free six-week program starts at 6 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“It’s always free,” she said. “It gets people having fun working out so they’re more likely to continue doing it.”

Children are welcome to accompany their parents to Zumba classes or boot camps.

For updates, Gruss encourage people to check the Connxtions Facebook page, which she updates daily.

The Connxtions staff is planning a grand opening and ribbon-cutting at 10 a.m. Thursday.

“We tell people we’re in the Red Raven building across from DP’s,” Gruss said.