That Man Is You to resume Monday

The next installment of a men’s program called That Man Is You is to begin 7-8:30 p.m. Monday in St. Wendelin Parish’s Upper Room. Modeled on some of the country’s leading men’s programs, That Man is You combines Scripture, secular research and fun to address the pressures and temptations facing men in our modern culture.

The 13-week program seeks to form authentic leaders who will be capable of transforming homes and society.

Although in its third year, attendees need not have participated in the first two sessions.

The spring session, titled “The Revelation of the Father,” is to help men develop the final two leadership traits: lay a foundation for the future; and be willing to pay the price. The sessions are to cover:

The vision of authentic fatherhood as it relates to its ultimate source: God the Father.

The root of the problems in modern society as well as the three men who laid the foundation for the “culture of death.”

Scientific evidence that reveals the current attack against marriage and the family.

The means by which you can transform the “seven simple steps for forming a healthy, happy, holy family” into the “seven simple steps for raising children.”

To attend or for more information, contact Jonathan Hay, pastoral associate, at (419) 435-6692 or jon.hay@ for more information.