No X’s or O’s

Rod Snow of Niles, Mich., presented his skills Sept. 15 for Rally Day at First Lutheran Church in Tiffin. Snow introduced himself and explained he has performed at numerous summer camps and vacation bible schools.

Producing what appeared to be a hand-held dry-erase board, he drew a head with eyes and ears and a straight line for the mouth. Surprisingly, the mouth began to talk to the gathering for a few minutes before Snow erased the face and put away the board.

Next, he brought out a rabbit puppet that sang and shared humorous observations.

Opening a guitar case, Snow told the crowd he never learned to play guitar. Instead of an instrument, he lifted out a puppet of a young boy. Snow and the puppet gave a comical re-telling of David and Goliath, comparing the giant to worldly temptations that must be defeated.

To conclude his presentation, Snow spoke about the wonders of creation and the importance of every creature in the eyes of God. That sentiment is reflected in a hymn, “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” Turning to a framed picture of clouds in the sky, Snow began his “chalk talk.”

With a recording of music, narrative, prayer and nature sounds playing, he sketched mountains, trees, a meadow, flowers and a fence. On a post in the foreground, he drew a sparrow.

At that point, the lighting on the painting changed to reveal a holy image. Snow offered a prayer to close the program and announced the artwork would stay at the church for the congregation to enjoy.

Snow’s website says his ministry began in 1978. More of his work can be seen online at