Peregrine falcons begin nesting in Ohio

COLUMBUS – Ohio’s peregrine falcons are nesting in several locations, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Adult breeding peregrine falcons generally pair with a mate and select a nesting site by April.

The Division of Wildlife maintains a webcam showing the peregrine falcon nest box on the 41st floor of the Rhodes State Office Tower in downtown Columbus.

Durand, a female peregrine falcon, and Spark, her mate, are incubating four eggs. Incubation takes an average of 33 days, and hatching is estimated to begin on or near April 27. Live streaming video of the nest box is available at through The Ohio Channel.

Key events such as egg laying, hatching and fledging will be noted on the website as the nesting season progresses. A blog with updated information and links to other FalconCams is available at the wildlife division’s peregrine falcon webpage.

Columbus has not had a successful nest since the 2010 season because of mate changes. However, Ohio had a busy 2012 season with 36 confirmed pairs, of which 23 sites produced 59 fledglings.

At least 48 nest sites have been documented in Ohio, although not all are active every year.

Ohio began reintroducing peregrine falcons in 1989. Several pairs were released in Ohio’s major cities between 1989 and 1992.

Because of restoration activities in Ohio and across the nation, the peregrine falcon was removed from the federal endangered species list in 1999. In Ohio, the peregrine falcon was downlisted from endangered to threatened in 2008.